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Sponsored Feature: Tata Tiago: New Beginnings

14th Sep 2016 10:55 am

The Tata Tiago set new benchmarks for its segment. This month, we caught up with a few Tiago owners from Delhi to hear what they have to say about their Tiagos.


Ankita Negi

Ankita, co-founder OF 3 Mad Chicks, initially had no idea about cars. “All the research was done by my dad. He really believes in Tata. It was also a priority for us to have a car that at least had dual front airbags.” Before buying, she did take a test drive of the Tiago. “It was very comfortable. After the test drive we didn’t even give it a second thought and booked it immediately.” Now she uses it regularly. “More often than not, I forget to switch off the headlights, engage the handbrake, and even shut and lock the doors while parking the car. One feature that I love is that as soon as I try leaving this car, it beeps to remind me about these things. This is a really useful feature for me. There’s another feature that I really like. I can actually increase the height of the driving seat. So the visibility is just perfect for me.” Ankita also thinks that the car is very comfortable to drive in traffic and the steering is responsive. She believes she’s an aggressive driver but the Tiago still behaves very well on the road.    “My family and friends love it. In fact, I was parking the car somewhere and someone actually stopped and asked me, since nobody had seen this car before, which car this was and how much it costs. Mostly, I hear a lot of compliments for the way the Tiago looks. The colour of my car really stands out. You don’t usually see this shade of brown; it’s a really nice colour.” She continued, “All the controls for the music player are right on the steering wheel. And I can’t drive without music. I’m always using those buttons on the wheel. My phone is always connected to the Bluetooth. So I can also receive calls by pressing a button on the steering wheel. This is very convenient for me. The buttons are also easy to find. There are also these convenient little hooks in the front and in the boot where you can hang bags which are really useful. I carry a lot of cartons with the bags we make in the boot. Overall, I’m pretty sated with the Tiago. And my dogs are always happy to go for a ride in it.”

“It’s very comfortable. After the test drive we didn’t even give it a second thought and booked it immediately.”

Rahul Verma and Kanika Mittal

Rahul, a civil engineer and Kanika, an assistant manager with an insurance company have an interesting story about how they purchased a Tata Tiago. Rahul said, “I was initially checking some other cars. Once, while leaving a showroom, my friend and I saw a Tiago passing by. At that time I didn’t know it was a Tiago and neither did my friend. I wanted to find out which car it was and we followed it. It led us straight to a Tata showroom. We went in, saw the car and took it for a test drive. I realised Tata has boosted the looks, quality and features of its cars. Everything has been given in a neat package. I called my wife from the showroom and told her I had found our next car. She was a little hesitant, but I told her that once she would look at it, she would change her mind. We returned a few days later and she liked it a lot. We booked our Tiago immediately.” So what did Kanika like about it? “It’s fresh. The Tiago has a new look in a small car. It looks like a lot of effort was put into its exterior design.” She also thinks the Tiago is comfortable to drive, easy to manoeuvre in traffic and is good for trips to the market. “The music system is one of the best you get in any car. Our kids love it!” adds Rahul. “I especially like the clip on the windshield for tickets. When we’re on the highway, we can easily keep it there. The many utility spaces are nice. We can store so much inside the car. I recently picked up relatives from the train station. To my surprise, the Tiago accommodated four adults and five bags easily! Everyone was comfortable. Even over bumps, the Tiago is comfortable. If there are small speed breakers, I don’t even slow down. The suspension handles it beautifully and doesn’t lose control. We always feel safe in our Tiago”

“It’s fresh. The Tiago has a new look in a small car. It looks like a lot of effort was put into its exterior design.”

Manav and Priyanka Budhiraja

“It looks stunning!” exclaimed Manav, a finance and accounts professional for a healthcare organisation. “Frankly, I decided that I was buying this car after only reading the reviews and checking the features. It clicked. Getting all these features at this price was unbelievable. I was sure about it before I even saw it in real life. When I went to buy it and checked the price, I realised it was a complete value-for-money package. Since we recently added a new member to our family, I bought this car as a gift for my wife. That’s why, what mainly attracted me was the Tiago’s list of safety features. The Tiago comes with airbags, ABS, EBD and CSC. Safety was a primary concern and the Tiago met all my requirements. It’s very thoughtfully designed on the inside too. All the storage spaces are very useful.” How does Manav think it performs on the road? “The engine response is great. I usually keep it in City mode for the power and getting the pleasure of driving. When I drove it home, my family was very happy with my purchase. Everyone checked it out and said that the Tiago is a good car. The comfort level is excellent. The ride quality is great over our bad roads. There are thoughtful touches everywhere, like when I shift the car into reverse, the music volume dims automatically, so I can be more alert. It’s a helpful feature. I was never very interested in cars. But the Tata Tiago has turned me into a car enthusiast. I like it so much that I’ve even made a Facebook page for all Tata Tiago owners. Overall, the Tiago is very appealing. Fantastico describes everything.” 

“Overall the Tiago is very appealing. Fantastico describes everything.”

Ashwani Singh

“I’d initially booked another car. But my wife and I went to take a look at the Tiago anyway. When we saw it, my wife insisted that we buy it. It was a good decision. I like how it looks too. The features and looks really appealed to me. But what really made a great impression on me was the interior design. It has all the comforts. The seats are comfortable. The space inside is good. I drive the Tiago every day. The driving experience is very good too. At this price, in this segment, nobody gives a 1.2-litre engine like the Tiago has. This is very good for a daily drive. The acceleration is excellent even when the air conditioning is switched on. The great ride quality ensures I am comfortable. I also use the Bluetooth feature on the infotainment system every single day. The sound quality of this system is very good. Normally, whenever you buy a new car, you have to modify the music system, add amps and install new speakers. But, there’s no need to modify any of this in the Tiago. When I brought it home, all my family members were very happy with the car.” In fact, Ashwani mentioned that he receives appreciation from everyone after they see his Tiago. “My family members and friends have all asked to test-drive my Tiago. They were pleasantly surprised with how it is.” Ashwani thinks the Tiago is quite practical too. “I had to carry full cricket kits in the Tiago. They fit very comfortably. Now, I’m taking my Tiago for a long drive to Jammu and Kashmir. There’s enough boot space to carry everything I need on this drive. According to me, in this segment, the Tiago is a really good car. It is the only one that offers all the features. I’m happy with my choice.”

“According to me, in this segment, the Tiago is a really good car. It is the only one that offers all the features. I’m happy with my choice.”

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