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Sponsored feature: Mercedes Of Service: Driving Aftersales Excellence

8th Jul 2019 4:15 pm

From Service Clinics to Service-on-Wheels, here’s how Mercedes-Benz is setting new benchmarks every year.


Mercedes-Benz has been making cars for well over a century. Its dealerships have also been servicing them across the world for as long. But if you think like Mercedes-Benz does, you’ll reckon there is always room for improvement – even if you’re a manufacturer that makes cars that everyone wants to drive or be seen in. That is how Mercedes-Benz India rolled out its Service Clinics.

The Service Clinics have a simple premise: Let’s get the company’s technical experts to meet their customers, and have a chat with them about their cars. The initiative is part of ‘My Mercedes. My Service.’ and has seen a tremendous response. The idea was to create a platform for customers and technical experts from the company to interact with each other, get a walk-through of their car’s service history and get to know more about their Mercedes-Benz. Last year, over 15 such clinics were held by Mercedes-Benz. This year, it is aiming for 25 clinics to mark its silver jubilee in India. The Service Clinic initiative is just one element in Mercedes-Benz’s holistic aftersales and service plan and each aspect of it is as well-thought-out as the interiors of its cars. Let’s get to know these aspects better.

Premier Express Service lets customers relax, even as their car gets ready in just 140min.

Premier Express Service: Mercedes-Benz knows the value of time, and how important it is for its customers. That’s where Premier Express Service comes in. Should you be pressed for time, all you’ve got to do is sign up for the service and let the manufacturer’s skilled technicians work on your car and return it to your doorstep in less time than it takes to have a good lunch. This service is available at 16 Mercedes-Benz dealerships across the country.

Car detailing solutions: A Mercedes-Benz car is always a cherished experience, and not surprisingly, owners go to great lengths to keep their own running like a dream and looking like one. Mercedes-Benz also does its bit by offering a variety of car detailing solutions, from engine- and underfloor-preservation treatments to interior and exterior polishing treatments. Each of these treatments are handled by technicians who have enormous experience in high-end vehicle detailing. Besides keeping your car looking like new, Mercedes-Benz’s car detailing products are also environmentally sound and enduring.


Mercedes-Benz Approved Tyres and Alloys: The importance of shodding your Mercedes-Benz with the right set of tyres cannot be overemphasised. The manufacturer’s dealerships across the country are equipped with skilled personnel who help customers choose the right tyres for their Mercedes-Benz; and ensure that everything from tyre fitment to alignment is spot on. The same goes for its range of light-alloy wheels, which, besides enhancing the looks of your Mercedes, are highly resistant to corrosion, thanks to a multi-layer paint finish.

Mercedes-Benz has a range of approved tyres and light-alloy wheels.

Service- on-Wheels: In 2018, Mercedes-Benz showed the way forward for aftersales service in India with another first – their Service-on-Wheels initiative. Part of the company’s ‘Go to Customer’ philosophy, Service-on-Wheels is simple and effective, and available in Tier-II and Tier-III markets, where Mercedes-Benz service does not have a direct presence yet. Besides being equipped with a comprehensive range of parts and diagnostic tools – as well as special equipment such as a Mobile Lifting Platform – the Service-on-Wheels trucks also have a plush customer lounge. The trucks are equipped with Mercedes-Benz’s ‘Digital Service Drive’ capabilities as well.

Service-on-Wheels represents the last-mile reach of Mercedes-Benz service.

The Service-on-Wheels is yet another arrow in Mercedes-Benz’s aftersales service quiver and makes accessing the company’s service a hassle-free affair. All of it, of course, comes under the umbrella of ‘My Mercedes. My Service’. The overarching initiative, which harnesses technology to put information and convenience at the customer’s fingertips and achieves optimum use of skilled manpower, is possibly the benchmark among aftersales initiatives from luxury manufacturers in the country.



Even as it continuously raises the standards of aftersales service in the country, Mercedes-Benz India, which supports the government’s ‘Skill India’ initiative through a public-private partnership model, is also invested in creating a workforce equipped not just for contemporary challenges but also for the future. Mercedes-Benz’s Advance Diploma in Automotive Mechatronics (ADAM) is a much sought-after course among students across the country. It is currently available at nine institutes in India. 900 students have signed up for ADAM, till date.

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