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Sponsored feature: Future of connected cars with NissanConnect

24th Jul 2018 3:04 pm

Check out a few of NissanConnect’s 50+ features and how they make your life better.


Drive the future with Nissan Intelligent Mobility. NissanConnect is a part of Nissan Intelligent Mobility. It transforms your car into an interactive and intelligent partner that puts you in total control of your car, makes your life more convenient, gives you added safety and security while also making it a social hub. It works round the clock, thereby keeping you connected to your car. All that you need to do is download the NissanConnect app on your smartphone and ask your dealer to activate it. NissanConnect offers 50+ features and comes with a three-year free subscription when you buy a Nissan car.

A few of NissanConnect’s 50+ features and how they make your life better.

Way to my car


NissanConnect Micra Way to car

Have you parked your car in a shopping mall and forgotten where it is parked? Use ‘Way to my car’ feature to locate your car easily, anywhere.

Service alert


NissanConnect Micra Service alert

Get a reminder when your car’s scheduled service is due. Just pressa few buttons on your smartphone and make a service booking online.

Speed alert


NissanConnect Speed alert

Get an alert if your car is speeding beyond a set speed limit. Keep a tab on your chauffeur’s driving.

Tow away alert


NissanConnect Tow alert

This feature gives you complete peace of mind. The moment your car is moved from its parked location you will be alerted immediately.

Idling time


NissanConnect idling alert

Get an alert when your car is at idle longer than it should be. Switch off the engine on long signals rather than staying idle. Save fuel and money.

Impact alert


NissanConnect impact alert

This feature can be a lifesaver.If there is an impact to the vehicle it will immediately alert your chosen emergency contacts.

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