• The Renault Kwid shattered the perceptions its segment held.
    The Renault Kwid shattered the perceptions its segment held.
  • Our jury of experts analyses the test data.
    Our jury of experts analyses the test data.
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Sponsored feature: Car of the Year - Renault Kwid

23rd Mar 2016 11:03 am

The Renault Kwid is the Autocar India Car of the Year 2016.


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Exciting times

The Indian car market has been buzzing like never before. Every segment has received fresh, exciting offerings. This means more competition. And that is great news for car buyers. From entry level cars to ultra luxurious SUVs, all manufacturers were striving to deliver more value to their customers. They had to work harder than ever for attention from buyers. They didn’t just create innovative new products, but also tried new ways of selling. But, if there are so many new cars with innovative new designs and features, how then do you pick one that can be given the ‘Car of the Year’ mantle? Simple. We look for the car that has moved the goalposts for its segment. We look for something that has shaken up not just car buyers, but the entire auto industry.

And what car was it?

There were some serious contenders. But, in the end, it was a rather obvious choice. Only one car had shattered the perception of its segment completely. Only one car had garnered a massive amount of interest from buyers and the automotive industry from the moment it was unveiled. And this car, that so deservedly earned the ‘Car of the Year’ award, was the Renault Kwid.

Why did it deserve to win?

What did the Renault Kwid do that its competition did not? It all starts with how innovative a company Renault is. It is known for series of firsts ever since the Renault brand was born. Its standard operating procedure is doing what everyone should be doing but nobody thinks of it like Renault does. Remember how the Duster made people go all crazy about it? It delivered what everyone wanted. Simplicity, efficiency, reliability, comfort and safety, all wrapped up in an attractive, affordable and innovative looking package. Renault just recreated that. In a smart but compact package. And no one can deny that the Kwid is very attractive, affordable and truly innovative.

How was it judged?

A jury of experts convene, test and decide the most deserving car for the award. Our expert jury, consisting of Hormazd Sorabjee, editor of Autocar India, Shapur Kotwal, deputy editor of Autocar India, Renuka Kirpalani, editor of the Autocar Show, Narain Karthikeyan, F1 racer and renowned automotive historian Manvendra Singh, have turned this process into a precise science.  And with them is over 40 years of experience and expertise. They’ve fine-tuned a process which involves the analysis of an exhaustive list of parameters that helps them pick a clear winner. Each jury member also drives all the cars and rates them on parameters like fitness for purpose, design, performance, ride and handling, driving pleasure, fuel efficiency, safety, ownership experience and relevance to the market. Cold, hard, irrefutable facts and figures on numerous parameters of a car’s performance are obtained using Autocar India’s top-of-the-line data acquisition equipment. This ensures accuracy. What is also taken into consideration is how much effect the car has on its segment. Does it in any way redefine it? Does it push the boundaries of previously accepted standards? Does it bring something fresh, new and exciting to the market? The car that makes the maximum difference, wins.

Small car, big statement

The Renault Kwid had its work cut out for it. It was entering a highly competitive segment. A segment where the car buyers were being offered great value for not much money. It was important that the Renault Kwid made a great first impression. And it did. From the moment it was unveiled to the public, it was clear that this was a car that was designed to give people more than they ever thought was possible in the sub-Rs 4 lakh segment. It is clearly something that Indian car buyers wanted but never received. It instantly achieved recognition that no other car in its segment has ever achieved. It is brilliantly styled, practical, spacious, economical, well equipped and above all, it is exciting. A complete package with loads of style backed by a lot of substance.


Every time you see a Kwid on the road,  you know how your head automatically turns to check it out as it drives past. It is undeniably good looking. Its butch, SUV-inspired design with a bluff front end, sculpted sides and squared bulging wheel arches give it a strong presence on the road. Adding to its robustness are short front and rear overhangs and high ground clearance. Making the Kwid even more striking is the bold, structured grille highlighting the Renault diamond logo, the headlights with their C-shaped chrome trim and stylish fog lamps. Further enhancing its SUV-like presence are rectangular, black wheel arches and the black trim rear bumper.

Matching the show

What lies under the hood complements what you see. Not just a looker then. The Renault Kwid is powered by a 0.8-litre, aluminium, DOHC three-cylinder engine that produces 54PS of power and 72Nm of torque. Add to that the ARAI-certified fuel efficiency of 25.17kpl and what you get is India’s most fuel-efficient petrol car. The Kwid achieves this astonishing figure thanks to its SCe (Smart Control efficiency) engine that features advanced technology for accurate fuel-to-air ratio monitoring. A knock sensor also automatically adjusts spark advance to fuel quality, helping deliver the best performance. 

The inside story

The look of the Kwid’s exterior is distinctive. The interior carries the same bold cues as the outside. The look is contemporary and balanced. Horizontal lines on the dashboard give it an impression of width and the lack of clutter adds refinement. The glossy piano black centre fascia with a chrome contour livens up the dashboard. The black, red and grey upholstery of the ergo-smart cabin makes the interiors look sporty.

There’s a lot more to the Kwid too. Turn the page to check out what else made this car a winner.

Everything you need

The Renault Kwid has it all. Nothing else in this segment offers as much or does it as well as the Kwid. Check it out.

The chunky electric power steering adds sportiness, is nice to grip and makes driving very easy.

Class-leading cabin space in the Kwid lets you seat five comfortably.

The state-of-the-art, user-friendly MediaNAV multimedia and navigation system that features a first-in-class 7-inch touchscreen display provides a world of convenience. It features navigation, turn-by-turn guidance, Bluetooth audio streaming, hands-free telephony, USB and AUX input ports and speed sensing volume control.

A driver’s side airbag, central locking system, disc brakes on front wheels, high-mount stop lamp and an audible parking brake warning means you always have peace of mind with the Kwid.

Digital instrument cluster
The innovative and easy-to-read digital instrument cluster looks cool and functions really well. The on-board trip computer provides valuable information like average fuel consumption, distance to empty, average speed and more.

Driver’s seat
The well-bolstered and four-way adjustable driver’s seat helps you find the most comfortable driving position. Plus, the high driving position gives you a good view of the road.

Remote entry
Remote, keyless entry to the Kwid gives you access to its comfortable, spacious cabin.

The humungous class-leading 300-litre boot will swallow all your luggage. It can even be extended to 1,115 litres for long journeys.

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