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Picture special: Cars in Cuba

13th Dec 2013 2:59 pm

We bring you some pictures of the Cuban capital's rich collection of the 50s and early 60s American cars.


Our sister publication Autocar UK’s chief photographer Stain Papior, an incorrigible traveler, recently spent a few days in Havana, Cuba – and became so mesmerised by the capital’s rich collection of ‘50s and early ‘60s American cars that he found himself standing for ages on street corners, just snapping ‘Detroit iron’.
His photos make such a rich collection that we’ve decided to post a few dozen for your enjoyment over the festive season.
“I’d heard the cars in Havana were special,” says Papior, “but nothing prepared me for how many there were, and how great they looked. The newest is 50 years old now, so they’ve all done huge mileages, especially as many are used as taxis to attract tourists.
"But quite a lot have been done up, and most still have original trim parts, wheels, hubcaps and badges. If you like ‘50s Yank cars — and I do — Havana is the world capital.”
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