Slow down, have some fun

Slow down, have some fun

1st Aug 2013 6:49 pm

Some musings about the legendary Ambassador now in BS IV form, luxury player Mercedes and the love for driving and cars.

“I hope we get one to test!” That was my first thought when I read that the BSIV Ambassador would be rolling into the metros again. Why? Because just the thought of driving it is putting a smile on my face. After what seemed like ages, I sat in an Ambassador, in Kolkata. I know we weren’t going very fast, but I was grinning like a moron. I flipped with the quarter glass and fiddled with it to aim the draft of air, I think I even bounced a bit on the bench to feel the springs underneath. The propped up seating position, the surprisingly low roof, the small windscreen, the strange silence when it cruised, the quarter turn of vagueness in the steering and the sheer bravado that the cab driver seemed to exert to make a turn, it was all very thrilling. At 40 kph! Can’t wait to try it for myself again. My mum used to love the Amby. Still does. She insists that the rear bench is unbeatable. She may just be right. We’ll try and find out, but who would the Amby’s competitor be if we had to do a shoot out?


Ups and downs

Recently I have been celebrating a revitalized Mercedes. Four years back when the MFA platform was announced I thought it was too little, too late for Mercedes. And it would have been. But that was only the tip of the iceberg. You can see now, that the company was willing to axe, fix and rethink anything and everything. Sure, Mercedes went full steam in developing a new front-wheel-drive platform for entry-level products, but crucially, they also ripped off and shredded the stiff collars their products were associated with. Just look at the new range of Mercs, you can’t help but take a step back and think, that’s cool. Fascinating automobiles once more. Personally, I am looking forward to getting some quality time with the new S-class and the A45 AMG. They are two very diverse cars that sum up the new Mercedes perfectly.




Love Lost

Most people today, I won’t be surprised to find, care more about their cell phones than their cars. The traffic, the potholes, the lawlessness and the apathy on the road has made driving a chore. I wondered too, do I still love cars? Turns out, I do. My soft spot for a particular type of cars is only getting bigger (more on that some other time). Do I still love to drive? I do, but it isn’t the wanton, any car, anywhere kind of love anymore. The right time, right place and right car still gets me jumping with joy. However, the gap between those magical days seems to stretch longer and longer now. So, coming back to it, the Amby, even at 40kph can be fun anywhere and that makes it something to look forward to.


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