Corrupted and ruined

Corrupted and ruined

7th Dec 2015 7:00 am

The 425bhp BMW M4 is designed to spoil you rotten. That's what I learnt on my drive to Yellagiri.

I drive a Tata Nano. Actually I borrow my wife’s Tata Nano to get around town. And I enjoy driving it immensely. There’s nothing like flogging a small, weak on power car just for laughs. Often the question arises, “Don't I want something better and what would it be?” Although I have a good idea, I haven’t zeroed in on anything, but I know what it must absolutely have. Quite simply, a minimum of 400bhp.

Trust me, until you experience what this means in the real world you will remain protected from the ability of (horse) power to corrupt you. No point bargaining here, 250-300bhp isn’t nearly good enough. And there’s the nature of the horses as well. I’m sorry, but a turboed Octy doesn’t do it either. I want it fast and unruffled, not fragile and wheezy.

The realisation sank in as I headed to Yellagiri in the BMW M4 on the last edition of Great Car Great Road. I was smiling to myself as I stared past the golden power dome, at the long four-lane highway ahead. Like a good body massage, the incredible engine had me feeling refreshed and relaxed. The engine's sleepy tousled charm as we cruised at legal speeds was tantalising. But the bit that got me hook, line and sinker was the way it handled overtaking. The M division has created a gem here and its ability to change pace with just a seductive murmur had me eating out of its hand. In that purr was hidden the soft seduction of power. I didn’t stand a chance, and it ruined me for cars that I can actually afford.

Strangely, now I look at small cars as the ones to drive hard (it's easier and a lot less risky), my dream car being a Toyota GT 86 and I cant wait to drive the Mazda Miata. But when I want to get around in a leisurely manner I want the tirelessness that only an abundance of power provides. The BMW M4 and its 425bhp? It is just so right, in so many ways. Want.

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