Perseus Bandrawalla 

Honda-ful Dreams

I’m hooked to the idea of owning a used Honda S2000.                                                              

Shapur Kotwal 

Dirty Electric

With electrics, we will just be replacing diesel with coal. Crazy!                                                    

Sergius Barretto 

Potholes promote inefficient vehicles

Sergius talks about how India's potholed roads affect a vehicle's fuel efficiency.                                      

Sergius Barretto 

Stability Programmes

Sergius Barretto talks about the need for an official Policy Stability Program.                                        

Rishaad Mody 

Racing demands a special breed

A thrilling first taste of motorcycle racing reveals why many of us aren’t made for it.                          

Sergius Barretto 

Clearing out the Trunk

Sergius Barretto discusses the ways and means that carmakers use to lower the weight of their cars.                    

Shapur Kotwal 

Short Circuit

India's target of having an all-electric car fleet by 2030 is just pure fantasy.                                        

Sergius Barretto 

Suzuki’s diesel dilemma

Should Suzuki bother with its in-house programme or look elsewhere?                                                    

Shapur Kotwal 

Yellow fever

Shapur Kotwal narrates an 'adventurous' tale about his ride with a cab aggregator and lives to tell about the driver&...

Sergius Barretto 

Back to life

While the Ambassador itself is unlikely to be revived, Peugeot could use the established name to build a new low-cos...

Sergius Barretto 

Letting Go

Legacy products are fine so long as they’re worth remembering, but I believe it's time Tata retires the Indica    

Shapur Kotwal 

Micra management

Is Nissan taking the right decision by not bringing the all-new Micra to India?                                        

Nikhil  Bhatia 

Boost is the secret

The Baleno RS’ launch is less than a month away. And I have big hopes for it.                                    

Nikhil  Bhatia 

What could Peugeot bring to India?

You’ve read this before, but this time around Peugeot really is coming to India. Nikhil Bhatia has his wish lis...

Sergius Barretto 

Service – The new Sales

Will aftersales no longer be the poor country cousin?                                                                  

Sergius Barretto 

Toyota and Suzuki – what brought them together?

An unlikely partnership and what it could mean for the companies.                                                      

Gavin D'Souza 

Jeep: A different kind of obstacle course

Three years later than promised, the iconic American brand enters India with the wrong kind of bang. Makes you wonder...

Rishad Cooper 

Mahindra scripts Moto3 history

Five perseverant years of commitment bags the first Indian mark at the top level of bike racing.                      

Nikhil  Bhatia 

A few good days at Goodwood

If you are a motorsport fan, the Goodwood Festival of Speed is one event you can't miss. Nikhil Bhatia relives the 20...

Sergius Barretto 

Better crash safety, whose call is it?

The zero star rating for Indian cars in the latest Global NCAP tests has led to a chorus for better safety provisions...