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Looking for a practical electric scooter

3rd Oct 2019 12:00 pm

What are the options when it comes to practical electric scooters with detachable batteries?

I want to purchase an electric scooter with the most mileage per charge and a detachable battery. I live on the 10th floor in a society with no charging points in the parking area. The scooter must have good loading capacity and a strong climbing degree, as I live in a hilly area with many flyovers.

Harish, Pune

AAA - There are very few scooters readily available in the market today that can meet all your criteria. The Ather 450 is a great product, but it lacks swappable batteries, and will only be available in Pune towards the end of 2019, at the earliest. As of now, the Okinawa i-Praise is the only product that seemingly meets your requirements, on paper, at least. We haven’t had the chance to ride this scooter yet, but user reviews on online forums are mixed, with reports of lower range than advertised. We can only give you our opinion when we ride it, so, for now, we suggest you stick with a traditional scooter and upgrade to an EV when the market has matured a bit more.


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