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Buying a Hyundai Creta automatic

1st Aug 2016 12:00 pm

Are the instances of rollback on flyovers and steep gradients a concern with the Creta automatic?


I want to purchase the automatic Hyundai Creta SX+, but am confused. My friends who own automatic cars talk about instances of rollback on flyovers and steep parking ramps at malls. This is a concern because I often have to drive out to the Thirupati hill. Should I instead consider a manual SX(O)?
Kailash K Nekraj, Bengaluru

AAA Vehicle roll-back is a common issue with cars equipped with Dual Clutch transmissions (DSG), but manufacturers offset this issue by offering features like Hill Assist/Hill Hold which prevent roll-back using different mechanisms.

However, the Creta is a traditional automatic with a torque converter, so you should not face this issue in the hills. Conventional automatics have a stall speed – a fixed rpm which the engine spins at (when you slot into D) even before you press the throttle.

As for the variant, the top-end SX(O) comes with Electronic Stability Program but it is quite expensive for the kit it offers. If automatic is a priority, then you have no option but to go with the diesel motor, which means the SX+ A/T is the only choice.

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