New Honda Accord.
New Honda Accord.

New Honda Accord expected late 2015

1st Jul 2014 12:30 am

The next generation Honda Accord will have a smaller footprint and should be here by late 2015

Honda is planning to reintroduce the Accord luxury sedan in India. The first two generations of the Honda Accord were quite a success but sales started slowing down mainly due to the luxury brand effect and the falling rupee. Finally, decreasing margins and changing buyer preference towards more affordable, entry-level offerings from premium brands led to Honda pulling the plug in late 2013. But, Honda thinks customers may be coming back to a more practical way of thinking and the Accord could appeal to Indian customers again. 
Contrary to the general trend amongst carmakers, the new Accord will be smaller than its predecessor and will have a slightly shorter wheelbase as well to improve the way it drives. However, while it may be smaller on the outside, Honda’s packaging expertise has resulted in the same amount of room on the inside as the previous car. The new Accord will play on the traditional Accord strengths of comfort and space and in terms of styling, is expected to have a tighter nose in line with Honda’s current designs. So, you will get the same spacious cabin and an all new interior, without the oversized footprint of the earlier car. Other changes under the skin could include a new electric power steering and the chassis will be considerably stiffened for more strength. 
The new Honda Accord in India is expected to be powered by a new naturally aspirated four-cylinder, 2.4-litre petrol engine. Power from the 2.4-litre motor is expected to be similar to that of the previous car’s 177bhp. However, since sales of the potent V6 variant never took off, Honda believes there isn’t really a market for the larger capacity Accord. 
A 1.6-litre diesel engine that’s expected in the CR-V (Honda CR-V diesel likely in 2015) could make its way into the new Accord but at a later stage. While a 1.6-litre engine may not sound like much for a car this size, the engine is expected to produce a very respectable 30.5 kg-m of torque. The new Accord is expected to hit showrooms by late 2015 and hopefully, with the help of Honda’s local assembly, could be priced competitively.

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