Global NCAP ‘Stop The Crash’ campaign to be launched in India

Global NCAP ‘Stop The Crash’ campaign to be launched in India

21st Sep 2018 6:00 am

The campaign goes live on September 26; to focus on consumer-oriented vehicle safety initiatives.


UK-based charity, Global New Car Assessment Programme (GNCAP) is to host its first-ever ‘Global NCAP World Congress’ in New Delhi, India from September 26-29. The UK-based charity that conducts crash safety tests on cars across the world conduct this event in partnership with Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE). Against the backdrop of India’s notoriously high number of fatal road accidents, GNCAP will launch the ‘Stop The Crash’ campaign on the opening day of the event.

At the World Congress event, GNCAP will bring together the global community of New Car Assessment Programmes (NCAPs) in order to share experiences about independent consumer vehicle safety ratings. The meeting will assess the contribution that safer vehicles can make to the United Nations’ Decade of Action for Road Safety, and the Sustainable Development Goals programmes.

“The major highlight of the World Congress will be the launch of the 'Stop The Crash' campaign. The campaign will rally for early adoption of crash avoidance safety systems like electronic stability control as standard across four-wheelers. The campaign will be launched at the annual NCAP Global World Congress, which will be held in India this year in partnership with the IRTE - Institute for Road Traffic Education,” said Dr Rohit Baluja, president, Institute of Road Traffic Education, on the sidelines of this announcement.

The 'Stop The Crash' program will encourage the adoption of autonomous braking systems, which have the potential to reduce the risk to, both, the car in question and other vehicles or vulnerable road users around it in case of a detected crash. GNCAP has also voiced its support to the Indian government for mandating anti-lock brakes and automatic headlights for motorcycles. “New two-wheelers sold in India greatly outnumber the number of cars sold in the country and safer two-wheelers can greatly reduce the number of accidents and fatalities on Indian roads,” said David Ward, secretary general of Global NCAP and chairman of the Stop the Crash partnership.

The campaign will be launched at the Buddh International Circuit, India's only certified F1 circuit and will be accompanied by live demonstrations of safety systems such as electronic stability control (ESC) and autonomous emergency braking (AEB). The demonstrations will also showcase ABS for two wheelers.

“Some of the subjects that will be discussed during the world congress will be vehicle safety and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, The Role and Development of NCAPs in Emerging Markets, Priorities for Motorcycle Safety, Safer Cars for India, Fleet Safety – A Catalyst for Five Star Safety, A Road Map for Vehicle Safety – Major Trends & Opportunities to 2030,” said Ward.

The World Congress will also include an International Roundtable: 'Building a Global Market for Vehicle Safety' on September 27-28 . This will feature six discussion sessions, as follows:

Session 1 – Vehicle Safety & the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Session 2 – The Role & Development of NCAPs in Emerging Markets.

Session 3 – Progress Report – Safer Cars for India.

Session 4 – Priorities for Motorcycle Safety.

Session 5 – Fleet Safety – A Catalyst for Five-Star Safety.

Session 6 –  A Road Map for Vehicle Safety – What are the major trends and opportunities to 2030?

Eminent speakers at the event will include Prince Michael of Kent in addition to NCAP officials from the ASEAN region and other nations, and other representatives of automotive safety and regulatory bodies from around the world.

“From India, Joint Secretary Abhay Damle, G K Pillai, former Union Home Secretary and Advisor - IRTE, are expected to participate along with representatives from Indian automobile manufacturing associations and NGOs working towards road safety. A video message from Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport will be another major highlight of the Congress,” said Dr Baluja. The presentation of the 2018 Global NCAP awards will be part of the Congress as well.

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