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Ford recalls 1.66 lakh Figos and Fiesta Classics

14th Sep 2013 10:00 pm

Ford is recalling 1,66,021 Figos and Fiesta Classics to rectify rear twist beam and power steering hose issues.


Ford India has initiated a recall for the Figo and Fiesta Classic to rectify issues related to the steering and rear suspension.

The carmaker is inspecting the rear twist beam for all Figos and Fiesta Classics manufactured and sold between January 2011 and June 2012, which will be replaced if found faulty. A defective rear twist beam can be detected if there is an abnormal noise from the rear while the car is in motion. In this case, prolonged use of the car without rectifying the issue could lead to deteriorating ride and handling and brake performance, which could possibly result in a breakdown.

Ford will also replace the power steering hose for all Figos and Fiesta Classics manufactured and sold between January 2010 and August 2010 and from March 2011 to November 2011 as “a precautionary measure and to ensure the long term durability of the vehicle.” The issue is the potential for an oil leak to develop in the power steering hose, which could result in fumes being emitted from the area causing the leak. It may also be possible for power steering fluid to come into contact with the vehicle’s exhaust components, thereby creating a potential fire hazard.

In total, 1,66,021 cars will be recalled, the biggest such exercise in the country. Of this total, 1,09,469 units of the Ford Figo and 22,453 Fiesta Classics will be inspected with regard to the rear twist beam. Additionally, 30,681 units of the Ford Figo and 3,418 units of the Fiesta Classic will have their power steering hose replaced.

"This is to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers by inspecting and replacing any potentially affected parts as required. Ford India will continue to drive this service initiative through its authorised dealers," Ford India said.

Ford is contacting owners of the potentially affected vehicles via customer letters and through its nationwide dealership network. To find out if your car is among those affected, you can also visit Ford’s India website at http://www.india.ford.com/support, and enter your car’s VIN number, which is located under the driver’s seat below the mat. Lift the black flap under the mat to find the VIN inscription of your Ford. 

This is not the first time Ford India is issuing a recall of its cars. The manufacturer last year recalled over 1.28 lakh units of the same two cars for the same rear twist beam and power steering hose issues. The only difference being that the cars it impacted were made between January 2008 and December 2010 and September 2010 till February 2011. More recently, diesel Ford EcoSports were also recalled to relocate the glow plug module in the car.

This does not bode well for Ford India, especially when you consider that this is the third recall by the manufacturer in a little over a year. If it is serious about the Indian market, simply launching competitive products like the EcoSport will not suffice, as the overall ownership experience plays an important role in the customer’s buying decision as well. Ford needs to tighten up its quality control procedures to avoid recalls, especially of such a large scale.

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