Bugatti launches Veyron in India

Bugatti launches Veyron in India

28th Oct 2010 7:00 am

Worlds most poweful production car, now in India


Bugatti launched the fastest and most powerful full production car in the world, the Bugatti Veyron in India. The Veyron is also the most expensive street-legal full production car in the world. The distributor for the Veyron is Exclusive Motors, located in New Delhi. Exclusive motors is also a dealer for Bentley and Lamborghini cars in India.

The Veyron Grand Sport’s body structure is made up of a carbon fibre monocoque suspended via an aluminium frame at the front and carbon fibre/ stainless steel frame in the rear. T

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand sport is an even more lighter weight version of the existing Veyron. The B-pillars have been cross-stiffened using a carbon fibre support, and a central carbon plate has been positioned beneath the transmission tunnel to ensure the vehicle suffers from less torsional flexing than any other roadster. The model has been modified and the special feature added to this Bugatti is the removable roof. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 grand sport can reach the top speed of 407 km/h and speed of 360 km/h with the roof off. In case it rains, an innovative folding roof stored in the luggage compartment can be opened up like an umbrella at any time. When this folding roof is in place, the car can travel at up to 130 km/h.

The doors of the new Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport are made of carbon fibre, and house an integrated longitudinal beam. In the event of an accident, this transfers the load from the A to the B-pillar, thereby dissipating impact energy. Furthermore, the two redesigned air intakes for the 16-cylinder mid-engine now feature 10-centimetre wide carbon-fibre elements to offer protection in the event of a roll. There are a host of new features added to the Grand Sport including a reversing camera with 2.7-inch monitor integrated in the rear-view-mirror and the “Puccini” sound system with digital signal processor.

Assembled by hand, at the company’s headquarters in Molsheim, Alsace, it will be limited to maximum 150 units; with the first 40 of these have gone exclusively to registered Bugatti customers. The Veyron is priced at Rs 16 crore in India.

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