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Ariel electric supercar unveiled at LCV event

12th Sep 2017 8:00 am

Ariel's 1,196hp, all-wheel-drive two-seater is capable of going 0-100kph in 2.4sec; has a company-restricted top speed of 258kph.


British firm Ariel has unveiled its 1,196hp, four-wheel-drive electric two-seater at the Low Carbon Vehicles (LCV) event in Millbrook, UK. The vehicle, codenamed the P40, will be capable of 0-160kph in just 3.8sec, and is scheduled for production in 2020.

Built on an aluminium monocoque chassis, the new Ariel is expected to weigh around 1,600kg and to be clad with carbon-fibre body panels, although the exterior shape is still in development.

The P40 is powered by four separate electric motors, each producing 299hp, powered by a centrally mounted 42kWh liquid-cooled battery at the car’s base.

The flagship 4x4’s official peak torque is an eye-watering 1,800Nm. Ariel forecasts the new supercar’s 0-100kph and 0-240kph acceleration times to be 2.4sec and 7.8sec, respectively, with the firm is restricting the maximum speed to 258kph “because no-one needs to go faster.”

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