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Thumping Good Time: Royal Enfield Rider Mania 2019 Experience

3rd Feb 2020 7:00 am

Rider Mania returned to Goa for its 11th edition. Here's what it was like.

"Leave Every Place Better" was the theme Royal Enfield enforced at this year’s Rider Mania. And with over 8,000 people in attendance, the results were worth noting. For starters, no single-use plastics were sold or even allowed inside the venue, eliminating the purchase of thousands of plastic water bottles.

To make up for this, multiple water dispensers were set up across the event arena. However, what really impressed me was that there was a volunteer at the exit handing out paper cups to the attendees for them to empty their drinks into, so glass bottles wouldn’t be carried out of the venue and discarded irresponsibly. While it may sound like we were kids forced into complying with the strict rules at a high-school EVS camp, the reality was it took almost no conscious effort. Now, onto everything else that was new at Rider Mania 2019.

Royal Enfield unveiled its Slide School flat-tracking academy.

We witnessed the unveiling of the Slide School, a flat-tracking academy that Royal Enfield will soon open to the public. Participants will be trained atop a flat-track-prepped Royal Enfield Himalayan, the FT 411. The bike has given up parts like the headlight assembly and front brake in exchange for lighter body panels, purpose-built tyres, a high-rise exhaust from S&S Cycles and different sprocketing.

I got to witness these bikes in action and also got to compete in an extremely fun dirt race
with other journalists. At the end of some very slippery laps, I ended up crossing the line in second place!

The rest of Rider Mania was just what it has been all these years – some of the most brand-loyal riders in the country, all coming together to tell their stories and connect with others who share the same passion, all while having a blast over numerous events, some friendly competition and a lot of great music.

Some amazing music by some amazing bands!


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