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Sponsored feature: Top reasons why CNG cars make sense for India

3rd Jun 2019 5:47 pm

There are several false myths about CNG cars. CNG is a greener substitute, its efficient too. We break some misconceptions and tell you the top reasons to buy a CNG car.


Over the years, CNG as a fuel has grown in popularity, and is extensively used in both public transport and passenger cars. In fact, the government is working towards making it ‘the’ alternative fuel of the future in India. While there is a growing demand and adoption of CNG cars in India, Maruti Suzuki has taken the lead in providing factory-fitted CNG cars to meet this demand.

So, what is CNG?

CNG, or Compressed Natural Gas, is a form of natural gas that is clear, odourless and non-corrosive under pressure. The fuel consists of methane, which produces energy when mixed with air in the engine’s combustion chamber to drive the vehicle. CNG is an efficient, cheaper and greener alternative to conventional fuels such as petrol and diesel. That’s because CNG burns cleaner, leaves no residue and is safer than conventional fuels.

CNG cars: The future in India

Automobile manufacturers in India like Maruti Suzuki understand the importance of CNG cars in the government’s country-wide initiative to reduce vehicular emissions. S-CNG, which is a factory-fitted technology pioneered by Maruti Suzuki, is leading the charge in this regard. Being India’s largest passenger car manufacturer, they offer this technology across hatchback, MUV and sedan segments.

The recently introduced big, new Wagon R is the latest factory-fitted CNG car in Maruti Suzuki’s line-up. Available with factory-fitted S-CNG Technology, the big, new Wagon R promises maximum performance, enhanced safety and excellent mileage.

But, does it make sense to own a CNG car?

Yes. CNG-powered cars are the immediate way ahead for the automobile industry. Let’s take the example of S-CNG cars by Maruti Suzuki. These cars offer high fuel efficiency, low running costs, are easy to get serviced thanks to Maruti Suzuki’s wide network of authorised service stations, easy to maintain, extremely reliable, and good for the environment. CNG reduces emissions of harmful gases by up to 25 percent, compared to conventional fuels, with little to no residue.

Are CNG cars safe and reliable?

Over the last decade, CNG technology has improved by leaps and bounds. Factory-fitted CNG cars available in the market are proof of that. For instance, S-CNG cars by Maruti Suzuki come with the following features and benefits:-

  1. It uses dual-interdependent ECUs that work together to ensure that the car is consistent in performance across different terrains and is fuel efficient.
  2. Since the integration of S-CNG Technology in Maruti Suzuki cars is from the ground up, the powertrain, chassis, suspension, as well as the braking system, are calibrated to work seamlessly within the CNG car.
  3. The CNG pipes are made of stainless steel and use patented ferrule joints to ensure that there is no leakage.
  4. The wiring harness is integrated in such a manner that there is no risk of short-circuits.
  5. Maruti Suzuki’s S-CNG cars come with a micro switch that ensures the engine does not start during CNG fuel-filling, thereby ensuring complete safety while refuelling
  6. Last but certainly not the least, the S-CNG cars are crash-tested with the CNG cylinder in place, to make sure it is safe and reliable throughout the vehicle’s lifespan.

The other big factor that might concern you as a potential CNG car buyer is the availability of CNG fuelling stations in India, specifically in regions where you see yourself travelling often. Well, you can rest assured, as the Indian government has already announced their plans to invest Rs 70,000 crore towards setting up CNG fuel stations across the country. Talking about numbers, the government plans to increase the number of CNG stations from 1,400 to over 10,000 in the next few years.

So, if you have been looking to buy a CNG car in India in 2019 but have been hesitant about going ahead with it, the points mentioned above will surely change your mind. Get to know more about Maruti Suzuki’s S-CNG technology by clicking here.

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