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Sponsored Feature: Hyundai Verna is a class apart

28th Jul 2014 9:34 pm

With the 2014 model Verna, the magic gets even better.


Cars have been a part of our lives for over a hundred years. What began as horseless carriages has today become a showcase of modern technology and design. And an integral part of our social structure. In fact, cars have become so ubiquitous that we hardly give them a second thought, until the time comes for us to buy a car.

Think about it, what is a car? In a nutshell, it’s a passenger-carrying ground vehicle, typically with four wheels powered by an engine that transports you between places. That, in essence, is how most people look at cars.

Hyundai looks at cars a little differently. A car is not just a means of commute, but rather an instrument of making your life better. It drives you to capitalise every opportunity and realise your full potential. It’s a vehicle of love and laughter with family and friends. It’s a reflection of your values and beliefs. At Hyundai, cars are not just about technology and design, but about using technology and design to work for you. At Hyundai, a car is not a symbol of power, but a machine to empower you.

The Hyundai Verna is an excellent example of this Hyundai philosophy. The Fluidic Verna was launched in 2011. And in three years, it has proved its métier and mettle in our unforgiving and arduous operating conditions. Customers discovered that beneath the glamorous supermodel looks is a car that has the fiscal sensibilities of a thrifty housewife. Moreover, Hyundai’s commitment to you does not end with a car. Behind every car stands Hyundai’s expansive service network. With the 2014 model Verna, the magic gets even better. The Verna is now even more modern, more premium and more value than ever before.


Indians love design. While we might appreciate Nordic elegance or Oriental simplicity, the design ethos that runs in our blood is one of complexity and exuberance. You can find it in the architecture of our monuments and temples, you can see it in the cut and colours of our clothes, you can find it in our traditional motifs and symbols. Our designs are more than just decoration. They are infused with meaning and symbolism. Good design talks to us.

In today’s market, where cars are designed to the dictums of economics, Hyundai’s set the cat amongst the pigeons with its organic Fluidic design. And one of the best examples of this is to be found in the lines of the Hyundai Verna.

But what is this Hyundai’s design philosophy, the much celebrated ‘Fluidic Design’? It’s a style that celebrates the harmony between man and nature. This design philosophy celebrates the natural rhythm of life. It is a rhythm that flows in harmony with nature. Hyundai’s new design philosophy gives substance to this fluidity, hence the monicker ‘Fluidic Design’. The flow of design is not just harmonious, but also dynamic, creating the illusion of movement even when the Verna is standing still. It translates the many shades of life into a natural, intuitive and unique design that engages the senses. And drives you towards a vision of the future. The result is a car that doesn’t just take you places, but takes you there with grace and panache.

India’s love affair with the Hyundai Verna.

This design philosophy dictates that the Verna is designed to underline your signature, not overshadow you with its presence. The Hyundai Verna is not an ostentatious lifestyle statement, but a well-designed life tool. An instrument fashioned to facilitate your day. The Verna is a reflection of your values, a signature of your achievements, a realisation of your dreams and an extension of your life. The Verna is designed to complement your style. It is this that has made over 2,47,000 people across India choose the Verna as their partner in their life journey. Yes, that’s right; two lakh forty-seven thousand people have chosen to put in their trust and hard-earned rupees on the Verna. The reason is not hard to see.

Little details that make great design.

Look at the Verna from any angle, and you see the face of tomorrow. Look at it from the front; the regal hexagonal chrome front grille gives it a majestic mien. The projector headlight is a two-piece bezel design that adds a touch of luxury during the daytime, especially with the newly added LED positioning lamps. The small design details; the body-coloured side mirrors with in-built LED turn indicators, the chrome pull-type door handles, the dual chrome exhaust pipes, all add to the Verna’s visual flair. Look at it from the rear; the bumper with rear reflectors and the wrap-around rear lamps add to the desirability quotient. Little wonder then that the Verna scores so high on the Indian customers’ list. Having said that, the Indian customer is perhaps one of the most demanding in the world. And Indian customers demand substance, not just style.

Creating a cocoon of comfort.

The heat and dust of India’s roads, coupled with the chaotic traffic and rough surfaces, can make your journey arduous and tiring. In this exhausting environment, the Verna provides you an oasis of serenity. Open the door and take a seat. The metallic hue garnished with luxurious detailing creates an inviting air. The plush, beige leather-upholstered seat and door covers, along with the black glossy trim, give it a sophisticated touch. The cabin design continues the sweeping organic theme that creates a soothing ambience within. Then there are those little details that add up to make your drive that much more comfortable. The air-conditioned glove box. The sliding function and the storage space in the centre armrest. The fabric-lined sunglass holder. The rich knit-embossed fabric of the sun visor, incorporating a pocket-type ticket holder and vanity mirror.

You cannot have too much of a good thing. That is why the Verna multiplies your delight with its commodious cabin. There is ample room here for your family and friends. Even XXL-size occupants will find no reason to complain. The ride is plush and supple as the suspension works efficiently to fool you into thinking that the roads have improved.

The best-in-class experience.

Hyundai believes in giving its customers the best-in-class experience. An example of this is the full-auto air-conditioning system that you can opt for when you buy the Verna. If the driver and passenger want different settings and temperature, this system will take care of it. So each person can adjust their temperature to their liking.

Moreover, every Verna comes with a clean air-cluster ionizer that keeps the cabin air fresh and healthy.

For entertainment, the Verna is equipped with a remote-controlled 2-DIN audio system that plays everything from CDs to MP3s. It also supports iPods and USBs. So whatever format your music is in, you can enjoy it in your Hyundai Verna.

Continuing commitment to excellence.

The Hyundai Verna story is far from complete. This journey is not over. As the Hyundai family continues to expand, the company’s commitment and responsibility to its customers continues to grow. The 2014 Verna is just one of the many initiatives Hyundai has launched to make its customers’ lives better. The popular Verna in its 2014 avtaar is now even better and is drawing even more rave reviews. 

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