Wedding cars
Driving off in a convertible is an extremely charming affair.

Wedding cars

7th Mar 2018 8:00 am

Perseus talks about the best cars to use for the wedding season.


The wedding season is upon us, and no wedding is complete without a wedding car or motorcycle. And when it comes to your own wedding day, you’ll only want the best. For most petrolheads, one of the most important decisions to make – and I’m not talking about deciding a venue or a honeymoon destination here – is which car or motorcycle you want to be driving or riding on the most important day of your life. Most enthusiasts buy a special car or motorcycle for their wedding.

I am not in favour of hiring modern luxury cars for one’s wedding, as I feel getting married in a lovely old vintage car, especially a convertible, is an extremely charming affair. For me, any vintage automobile is far more romantic than a contemporary one.

Nonetheless, what if you prefer to drive or ride yourself on your special day? I think getting married and riding off on a classic motorcycle is absolutely lovely, even though it may not be too practical. The next choice, then, would be a two-door convertible. However, a convertible again wouldn’t be very practical for a big fat Parsi wedding, especially when you have all the auspicious articles to carry along.

A known secret amongst us enthusiasts is that we love our cars ‘almost’ the same as our better halves. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a car nut take his car on his wedding stage with him. Just like any other car enthusiast, I also told myself that I’d get married in one of my all-time favourite cars, and having owned a couple of them, the decision on which one would ferry me only got tougher.

I, however, was advised against driving myself, as I needed to be focused on doing the rituals. The other issue that sprang to me was: who would drive my car? Even though I had a bunch of friends who I could trust with my car, the problem went way deeper.  I wouldn’t have the heart to leave it parked outside the venue unattended, and parking it inside the venue wouldn’t be too prudent, I was warned.

What really worried me about parking my car unattended is I have often seen people tying their shoelaces with their legs on the bumper of a wedding car, or even turning the mirror to brush their hair or do a final check on their makeup. Some even lean and pose against the wedding car and risk damaging a trim.

If you are fussy, finicky and suffer from OCD like me, and you can’t ensure safe cordoned-off parking for your wedding car, I suggest you leave your favourite car at home and use your daily driver on your wedding day like I did. A pre-wedding photo shoot, however, with the cars was mandatory.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a special car or motorcycle at your wedding. Of course, you should, but whether you take your favourite car to your wedding or not, what I advise is a post-wedding driving vacation to your favourite destination in your favourite car with your better half. Like a road trip to Goa in a straight-six E46!


Perseus Bandrawalla

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