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Up the ladder

28th Apr 2015 5:52 pm

Looking for a step up from the Mercedes E 250.

I want to upgrade from my 2011 BMW 525d and am looking for a car in the Rs 55-70 lakh range. I can’t see many options, except for the Mercedes E 250; since I already own a 5-series, it seems like a lateral move. What are your views on the car? Isn’t there anything higher up the ladder in this range? The S-class is too expensive and too big. Is the LWB version of the E-class coming soon?

Gaurav Monga, via email

AAA As you say, moving from the BMW 525d to the Merc E 250 CDI is not really a step up. In fact, the BMW has better performance than the E 250 CDI as well, so in that sense, it’s a bit of a come down. The next-gen E-class, which is expected next year, will come with a long wheelbase but the stretched version may not make it till 2017. Another option is the all-new Jaguar XF, which we understand is far more spacious than the E-class and 5-series, but that won’t come until mid-2016. If you can’t wait that long, you could consider the Mercedes E 350 CDI, which will be a step up from your 525d with its smooth and punchy V6 diesel. The E 350 CDI is a very relaxing car to drive and very quick too.

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