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Standstill issue

1st Oct 2014 11:48 am

Honda CBR 250R develops issues after lying unused for two months.

I have been having issues with my Honda CBR250R as I didn’t use it for almost two months. Initially, I thought it was the battery, but then I was asked to change the fuel pump at the service station, without any justified reason for the same. Can you help clarify the reason behind this fault in the fuel pump? 
Bipin Aggarwal, via email
AAA Unfortunately, not servicing a motorcycle as per its service schedule, and leaving a bike unused for a prolonged duration of over a month can cause problems such as the one you experienced. What you could do in future, is to have someone regularly start your bike engine, say once in every two or three days when not using it for a prolonged duration. If this isn’t possible, drain all fuel and oil from the bike and disconnect the battery till such time as you once again are ready to start using the bike.
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