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Heart versus head

22nd Jun 2013 8:07 pm

Wants to switch to an SUV from his current car, the Mercedes C 220 CDI.

I drive a Mercedes C 220CDI, and want to shift to an SUV. I think Mercedes’ maintenance is daylight robbery. Should I go for the M-class (my heart says so), or settle for a Fortuner (head says so)?

Dr Siddharthan, Salem

AAA It really is a question of heart versus head. The Fortuner will certainly be much cheaper in the long run and you won’t have to shell out potloads of money to maintain it. However, the new M-class is simply brilliant and makes the Fortuner feel crude and rudimentary in comparison. If your usage is not over very rough roads, go for the Merc. It is so much better than the Fortuner, even if you have to spend a fortune maintaining it.

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