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Upgrading the headlights on a 2019 Ford EcoSport

18th Jun 2020 8:00 am

I want to upgrade the headlamps on my 2019 Ford EcoSport without voiding the warranty.

I am one of your subscribers and keep up with all your videos and columns on your website. Thank you, and keep up the good work, you guys are amazing! I need your suggestion on upgrading stock headlights. I own a 2019 Ford Freestyle 1.2 Petrol Titanium and I am happy with it; it is value for money and has all the required bells and whistles. Its performance and handling are great and have brought out the enthusiast in me. However, it requires improvements and topping the list would be its stock headlamps. They have very weak visibility and do not have a good throw. My neighbour’s Kwid performs comparatively better. I take my car for long drives, but due to the headlamps’ poor night-time visibility, I don’t take it when I go with family. Should I upgrade the stock headlights from halogen to projected HIDs, or go for Philips Xtreme or OSRAM Night Breaker halogen lights? I don’t want anything that will void the vehicle’s warranty.

Dawood Ahamed, Chennai

Since your car is almost brand-new and still under warranty, we suggest upgrading to equivalent wattage halogen bulbs from the Osram Night Breaker series. This would be a plug-and-play solution and should solve your concerns to a great extent with their overall better light intensity.

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