Monsoon bike riding tips

You should know

It’s advisable to maintain a couple of psi below recommended to increase your tyre’s contact patch with the road.

Make sure your tires are in good condition and aren’t very old or have any cracks in the compound.

Make sure you are properly visible on your two-wheeler, invest in good quality waterproof liners and boots if possible.

Don’t accelerate aggressively, ensure you don’t stomp on the brakes and try not to splash through puddles as much as possible.

Reduce sudden movements and no trail-braking in the corners during the rainy season.

Once you park your bike, get it cleaned at the earliest opportunity and clean and lube your chain more often in the monsoons.

On an EV take care to not hit the battery pack over large road imperfections, don’t charge it in the open and don’t ride in the most aggressive mode to minimise losses of traction.

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