2024 KTM 390 Duke

Quick Review

Having ridden it on road and track, it’s hard to point out too many areas where KTM could have done better.


SuperDuke-inspired styling means larger, sharper tank extensions and an oddball headlight design.

Fit and finish

A noticeable step up in quality levels all across, with nicer materials used in the triple clamps, handlebar, switchgear, and the new aluminium subframe.



Continues to be a very fun engine with a great rush from 6000rpm onwards. It doesn’t smash into its rev limiter the way it used to, but there is good pull available till 9500rpm.


Feels more flexible and less fussy than before. Even under 2000rpm, you can get the bike to pull cleanly if you pick up the throttle smoothly enough.


Natural and easy are the best words to describe the new 390 through the bends. You can latch on with your legs, body position feels natural, the bike steers willingly and feels stable.

Ride Quality

Now offers far superior ride quality over our fairly abysmal roads. Sharp bumps are nicely rounded out and smaller imperfections are greatly ironed out.


It might be a little difficult to digest the way it looks. But as soon as you’re on board and on the move, the 2024 KTM 390 Duke is an absolute riot.

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