PMV EaS-E EV quadricycle

Launched in India

PMV EaS-E is the cheapest four-wheeler EV

Bookings open for Rs 2,000

Deliveries by mid-2023

Design details

Narrow, stumpy design

Blanked-off front grille

Front LEDs and circular headlamps

LED light bar for tail lights

155mm narrower than Bajaj Qute

Interior details

Simplistic dashboard

Centrally-mounted steering

Two-seat layout for driver and passenger

Switchgear lifted from Honda



LCD digital instrument cluster
Infotainment with on-board navigation
Smartphone connectivity 
Remote parking assist 
Cruise control 
4G connectivity with OTA 

Power and performance

Front-axle mounted electric motor

13hp, 50Nm

Top-speed: 70kph 

Range and charging

120, 160, 200km range options available

15A socket - under 4 hours to charge

Price and waranty

Rs 4.79 lakh (ex-showroom)

3yrs/50,000 km warranty

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