Land Rover Defender 130 review

In pictures

What is the Defender 130?

Defender 130 is the flagship of the range and is 340mm longer than the Defender 110.

Defender 130 design

The sheer length and boxy proportions bit polarising but it has great road presence.

Defender 130 seating layout

First luxury SUV with 8-seat layout and, arguably, best third-row space.

Defender 130 interior

Interior feels rugged and lacks bling but the quality all-round is excellent.

Defender 130 ride and off-road

Ride does not feel too floaty and is as capable as ever off the road.

Defender 130 price

At Rs 1.30 crore-1.41 crore (ex-showroom), it is about Rs 11 lakh more than the equivalent Defender 110.

Defender 130 verdict

Defender 130 is for those who prefer function over form and just want the most practical SUV.

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