Armoured core

Unlike most high-security vehicles, the 7 Series Protection has an in-house developed core of 10mm steel on to which the armoured body panels and bullet-proof glass are added.

Armoured doors

Each door weighs about 200kg – however, opening and closing them isn’t difficult as BMW has installed motors.


Even in the event of a flat, these special Michelin PAX tyres will allow the driver to go 30km, at speeds of up to 80 kph.

Driver training

BMW has a training programme that teaches chauffeurs evasive high-speed manoeuvring meant to ensure occupant safety.

Armour adds weight

The G73 is still about 1-tonne heavier than its standard counterpart, weighing in at about 3.9 tonnes.


Powered by a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol mill producing 530hp and 750Nm of torque.

Acceleration & top speed

0-100kph: 6.6sec 
It's about 2sec slower than standard 760i
Top speed: 210kph


Prices rise far above the standard 7 Series’ Rs 1.70 crore (ex-showroom) price tag.