Time to re-tyre

Time to re-tyre

25th Sep 2012 5:07 pm

Looking to buy a new set of tyres for Hyundai Santro.


I plan to buy a set of new tyres for my Hyundai Santro and have a few doubts. Should I opt for tubed tyres or tubeless ones? Which brand would be ideal? And are there any other things I should keep in mind?

Piyush, via email

AAA: If you currently have tubeless tyres or alloy wheels fitted then you can opt for tubeless. However, if you have tubed tyres then it’s better to stick to tubed ones – your car’s wheels (unless they are alloys) are seven years old and may be corroded, and will cause a leak in case you fit tubeless tyres. Tubed tyres are available from all tyre manufacturers in India. Our advice would be to stick

you could opt for Bridgestone, MRF or Apollo in these options. When buying new tyres, ensure that they are not more than 6-8 months away from their manufacturing date. Secondly, if you are fitting tubed tyres, make sure they always come with new tubes as well. While you’re at it, also get the tyres balanced and the vehicle aligned. Most dealers do the balancing and alignment as part of the deal.


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