The ride choice

The ride choice

25th Sep 2012 4:58 pm

How to improve an SUV's ride quality without affecting its off-road capabilities?


I’m planning on buying an SUV and have shortlisted the Toyota Fortuner. But the one thing that has me concerned is the SUV’s ride quality. Is there any way I can modify the suspension without affecting its off-road capabilities? Also, how much would it cost me to make such a modification?

Saeesh Dhane, via email


Yes, there are aftermarket suspension options for the Fortuner that will improve its ride and handling, but bear in mind that installing these on a new car will immediately void your warranty. If you wish to go ahead regardless, Bangalore-based Red Rooster Performance are distributors for Japanese performance brand Tein, which offers a range of adjustable bolt-on suspensions for the Fortuner. You can contact them on the following number: 080-43408899.



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