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Looking for a comfortable and safe SUV within a budget of Rs 40 lakh

24th Sep 2012 9:40 pm

Which is the most comfortable and Safe SUV one can buy for around Rs 40 lakh?



Q: I own an Audi Q5 and drive it to work everyday on the highways of Uttaranchal, where the condition of roads is bad. The Q5 does the job well, but its high maintenance costs are burning a hole in my pocket. I want a new car and my priorities are a good ride, safety and comfort. Which SUV or saloon would you suggest I buy in a budget of Rs 40 lakh?
Shuja Mirza, Uttaranchal
AAA: You could look at the Volvo XC60, which is cheaper than the Q5; its maintenance costs are lower too.  The XC60 is one of the safest SUVs around and has quite a flat and composed ride, which makes it a comfortable car to drive over long distances. Given the fact that you drive on bad roads, it’s better to own an SUV than a saloon. 


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