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  • Karminder Singh crosses the chequered flag first
    Karminder Singh crosses the chequered flag first
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Karminder Singh dominates Vento Cup Race 2, Round 3

18th Oct 2015 10:00 pm

New podium entrant Prabhanj Paruchuri in car number 15

Race 2 of round 3 was a one-man show by Karminder Singh. Right from the start, Karminder in his number 23, and the latest podium entrant, Prabhanj Paruchuri, in car number 15, pulled ahead of the crowd. Sahil Gahuri, having started the race at number 1, despite a reverse grid start, couldn’t maintain his lead even for the very first lap, and by lap 3, was nine cars behind. Car number 5, driven by Chewang Lama, pulled into the pits in lap 3 due to ABS failure, and withdrew from the race. In lap 4 and 5, Ishan Dodhiwala at position 3, was hot behind number Paruchuri, before Dhodhiwala grabbed number two before start of lap 6. From thereon, the rankings saw almost no changes, and only widening of gaps between positions. The top three contenders kept pulling away from the remaining cars with a gap of over 3 seconds. The tail section too kept lagging behind, with a gap of 11 seconds between Sahil Gahuri at position 9 and Harikrishnan Wadia. Raghav Sharma, number 3 in the qualifiers, had a bad run, not completing the race due to technical difficulties after a crash with Rajeev Shrivastava early on in the race. 

Here’s the ranking for Race 2, round 3.

Sr. No.

Car Number


Total Time



Karminder Singh




Ishaan Dodhiwala




Prabhanj Paruchuri


Round 3's final race grid rankings will follow second best lap timings of the qualifying round.

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