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  • Joey Mawson leading the MRF 2000 Challenge at the end of ...
    Joey Mawson leading the MRF 2000 Challenge at the end of Day 1, Round 4.
  • Karthik Tharani (centre) wins MRF 1600 challenge, Round 2...
    Karthik Tharani (centre) wins MRF 1600 challenge, Round 2, Race 1. Anindith Reddy (Left) comes second, and Raghul Rangasamy (Right) finishes third.
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Joey Mawson leads in MRF 2000 Challenge 2016

18th Feb 2017 11:36 pm

Harrison Newey won Race 1 while Mawson aced race 2;Tharani wins MRF 1600 Race 1

MRF 2000 Challenge 
After rounds one, two and three at Bahrain, Dubai and the BIC, Noida respectively, the MRF 2000 Challenge 2016 has reached Chennai’s MMRT for its fourth and final round. 
Day one of the race weekend saw two races, the first of which belonged to Harrison Newey. Finishing first in the qualifier, Newey started on pole for Race 1, and held on to his lead throughout the race, which he consistently increased during the 15 laps. He was trailed by Ralf Aron, who had to fend his second position from Mick Schumacher. In lap 8, Schumacher overtook Aron and slipped into second. By this time, however, Newey had forged a lead that would give him a comfortable victory. 
Juri Vips came in at number four, while championship leader Joey Mawson had to settle for fifth spot after a tough battle with Daniel Ticktum in car number 9. 
In reverse-grid race 2, however, Mawson made a strong comeback, finishing first and bagging a total of 248 points in the championship This now, gives him a 27 point lead over Harrison Newey, his closest competition. Race 2 saw Ralf Aron and Daniel Ticktum (who started on pole) finish second and third. Starting at number six, Newey put up a strong performance, and finished fourth. The two last races of the final round will be held on Sunday, where we’ll get to see whether Mawson can take home the championship trophy, or if Newey can slip past him on the points board and win the series. 
MRF 1600 Challenge
The opening race of Round 2 of the MRF 1600 challenge saw Karthik Tharani beating Anindith Reddy to the finish line. Tharani led from pole position, and was closely followed by Raghul Rangasamy in second position, and Anindith Reddy in third. However, Reddy constantly attacked second position, and manage to bag it, pushing Rangasamy to third . The second and final race for the MRF 1600 Challenge will be held on Sunday, February 19, 2016. 
Here are the results of Day 1, of the MRF challenge.
MRF 2000 Challenge 2016, Round 4, Chennai, Race 1:
Pos    Driver Name           Total Time
1        Harrison Newey      23:25.718
2        Mick Schumacher    23:29.961
3        Ralf Aron                 23:34.870
4        Juri Vips                   23:37.157
5        Joey Mawson           23:38.775
6        Daniel Ticktum         23:45.320
7        Felipe Drugovich      23:45.945
8         Presley Martono      23:59.059
9        Manuel Maldonado   24:00.753
10      Neil Verhagen           24:00.848
MRF 2000 Challenge 2016, Round 4, Chennai, Race 2:
Pos    Driver Name             Total Time
1        Joey Mawson           23:21.673
2        Ralf Aron                  23:30.696
3        Daniel Ticktum           23:32.466
4        Harrison Newey         23:33.409
5        Juri Vips                     23:33.965
6        Felipe Drugovich        23:36.228
7        Mick Schumacher       23:37.373
8        Neil Verhagen            23:50.919
9        Dylan Young               23:58.928
10      Presley Martono         24:09.706
MRF 1600, Round 2, Chennai, Race 1:
Pos     Driver Name             Total Time
1         Karthik Tharani         13:40.482
2         Anindith Reddy         13:40.787
3         Raghul Rangasamy  13:42.240
4         Sandeep Kumar        13:44.321
5         Arya Singh                 13:52.230
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