• Ishaan Dodhiwala leads the pack going into C1 at the star...
    Ishaan Dodhiwala leads the pack going into C1 at the start of Race 09
  • (Lto R) Sirish Vissa (Head, Volkswagen Motorsport India) ...
    (Lto R) Sirish Vissa (Head, Volkswagen Motorsport India) Karminder Singh, Ishan Dodhiwala and Aditya Vijay Pawar
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Ishaan Dodhiwala wins Round 4, Race 1, Vento Cup 2016

1st Oct 2016 10:09 pm

Karminder Singh and Aditya Vijay Pawar finish second and third; race 2 on October 2, 2016.

After three rounds – first at Kari Speedway, second and third at the MMRT, the Volkswagen Vento Cup has come to the Buddh International Circuit for its fourth and final weekend for 2016. In the first of the two races this weekend, Ishaan Dodhiwala managed to seal a comfortable victory, a good 11 seconds ahead of Delhi boy, Karminder Singh. The podium was completed by Aditya Pawar, who started eighth, but impressively made his way past the competition. He crossed the chequered flag six seconds behind Karminder.

Ishan led the grid right from the qualifier, and maintained a strong lead during the race from start to finish, widening the gap between himself and Karminder, his chief rival, lap after lap.

The line-up behind the top two saw stiff competition between Keith Desouza, Gowdham Murugan, Aditya Pawar and guest driver, Rishaad Mody, who exchanged positions multiple times, fighting for spots three and four. However, Aditya overtook Gowdham between lap 4 and 5 before slipping past Keith. Aditya finally overtook Rishaad at the last corner of the last lap to bag his spot on the podium.

Jeet Jhabakh, 23, who started tenth on the grid, secured the Junior Drivers Vento Cup title and a sponsored place in the 2017 season of Volkswagen’s one-make series.

The tenth and final Vento Cup 2016 race takes place on October 2. Here’s a look at the results for Round 4, Race 1.

Pos.  Car Number  Name                                     Total Time

1        8                      Ishaan Dodhiwala                19:51.066
2      16                     Karminder Singh                   20:02.198
3       7                       Aditya Vijay Pawar              20:08.234
4       21                     Rishaad Mody                    20:08.881
5       12                     Gowdham Murugan             20:10.878
6       11                      Keith Desouza                       20:11.771
7       15                      Affan Sadat Safwan Islam   20:19.605
8       18                      Niranjan Todkari                  20:20.137
9       10                     Arfath Mohammad               20:21.018
10     1                       Rashad Khan                       20:22.152
11      5                       Jeet Jhabakh                       20:35.332
12     17                      Arunshowry Vallabhaneni     20:35.882
13     22                      Simran Rastogi                   20:42.200
14     6                        Hatim Shabbir                     20:42.654
15     9                        Sree Venkata Teja               20:45.564
16     3                        Amit Mete                            21:41.797
17    19                      Shreyas Venkatesh               21:54.413
18     20                      Pradeep Rao                       DNC
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