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    L to R - Ashwin Naik and Amittrajit Ghosh - Winners of Round 1 INRC
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    L to R - Competitors -Gaurav Gill, Amittrajit Ghosh, Arjun Rao, Karna Kadur, Dean Mascarenhas, Rahul Kanthraj and Abhilash PG
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INRC 2016 Round 2- Rally of Maharashtra

27th Aug 2016 8:23 pm

Round 2 of the Indian National Rally Championship held in Nashik is over 340km long and has a total of 32 participants.

After Round 1 at Coimbatore, the 2016 Indian National Rally championship (INRC) has come to Nashik for its second leg – the Rally of Maharashtra.

Round 2 will see the drivers race through a total of over 340km on August 28(all rounds are single day stages this year), which includes three special stages on tarmac. This year sees the addition of the 11.5km long ‘Kavnai’ stage, while the ‘Manhere’(12.4km) and ‘Windmill’(9.72km) have been carried over from the 2015 Rally of Maharashtra. Each of these special stages will be looped twice, which accounts for a total of about 70km.

The 2016 INRC also sees the addition of ‘Shakedown’, a pre-rally practice event for the drivers held before every round, where dignitaries and spectators at the event can ride shotgun with the racers.
Prominent competitors this year include Gaurav Gil (co-driver Musa Sherrif) and Amritraj Ghosh (co-driver Ashwin Naik) of Team Mahindra Adventure along with Arjun Rao Aroor (Sathish Rajagopal) of A.R. Racing, Rahul Kanthraj (co-driver Vivek Y Bhatt) and Karna Kadur (co-driver Nikhil Pai) of Team Yokohama, and privateer Dean Mascarenhas (co-driver Shanmuga S.N.).  

To promote participation from international drivers, FMSCI is organising a separate Indian National Championship(IRC), which runs alongside the 2016 INRC. Results for both championships are exclusive of each other. Both championships included, 32 teams are participating in the 2016 Rally of Maharashtra.

This season has a total of five rounds, the remaining three of which will be held at Gurgaon (September 17-18), Bengaluru(November 26-27) and Chikmaglur (December 3-5).

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