Dougie Does Goa

Dougie Does Goa

11th Mar 2016 1:54 pm

RedBull and Autocar India bring the 12 times World Trials Champion to Goa to "unwind".

Dougie Lampkin is good with bikes. How do we know that? Well, he won the World Trails Championship 12 times in a row. Also, we saw him in action in Goa a few weeks back.

Dougie came to India for the first time ever this February, for India Bike Week 2016. In collaboration with RedBull and Autocar India, he rode around pretty much every surface he could find in Goa – rocks, beaches, jetties, ferries, barges, forts and flights of stairs. Here is an exclusive video of Dougie making the world his playground, quite literally. Don’t forget to check our photo gallery out too. 

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