Devin Robertson tops VW Ameo Cup Round 2, Race 1
Devin leading followed by Karminder and Sandeep in the first corner, Lap 1.

Devin Robertson tops VW Ameo Cup Round 2, Race 1

22nd Jul 2017 8:31 pm

Guest racer Robertson beat Karminder Singh with a 10sec-plus lead; Race 2 follows the reverse grid.

After acing the practice and qualifying sessions, guest driver Devin Robertson bagged a lights-to-flag victory in the third race of the Volkswagen Ameo Cup. The South African VW Cup racer crossed the finish line over 10sec ahead of runner-up Karminder Singh and also clocked the day’s fastest lap in 1:54.238.

Starting second, Sandeep Kumar lost his position to Karminder in the very first corner, and had to settle for third. Sandeep, however, successfully defended his podium finish from Donavan Vaz’ attacks; Vaz started sixth and worked his way up to fourth.

Devin being a guest driver, top points were awarded to championship leader Karminder. Sandeep currently stands second in the points tally. The second and final Ameo Cup race for Round 2 will follow a reverse-grid format. In it, positions of the top eight finishers of Saturday’s race will be reversed. Rohit Goyal will start on top, followed by Keith D’Souza and Dhruv Mohite.

Sr. No.    Car Number    Name                             Total Time    City
1             18                     Devin Robertson             15:39.262     Johannesburg (South Africa)
2              9                      Karminder Singh             15:50.095     Delhi
3              6                       A Sandeep Kumar          15:56.471     Chennai
4              17                     Donovan Vaz                  15:59.443     Goa
5               8                      Sourav Bandyopadhyay 16:01.178     Mumbai
6               19                    Dhruv Mohite                  16:01.952     Kolhapur
7               22                    Keith Dsouza                  16:11.603     Goa
8                3                     Rohit Goyal                     16:13.777     Chennai
9                4                     Affan Sadat                     16:14.231     Chittagong (Bangladesh)
10              5                     Jeet Jhabakh                   16:14.863     Hyderabad
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