Volkswagen clearing 2011 stock

Volkswagen clearing 2011 stock

8th May 2012 9:24 pm

Volkswagen India is offering massive discounts on 2011-manufactured petrol variants of its Polo hatchback and Vento saloon.

The demand for petrol cars has taken a big hit in the past year due to skyrocketing petrol prices, but those looking for a petrol car could turn it to their advantage. This is because despite it being five months into 2012, Volkswagen still hasn’t cleared its 2011 Polo and Vento petrols and is desperate to clear stocks. Most manufacturers face this situation once the year ends and stocks are cleared in the first quarter. VW is the only manufacturer left to sell its 2011 cars though.

The 2011 1.2 and 1.6 petrol Polo is being offered with a massive Rs 50,000 cash discount. In addition, you get free insurance and a two-year annual maintenance contract (AMC) worth Rs 60,000 collectively. That adds up to Rs 1.1 lakh or a 20.5 percent discount on the on-road Mumbai price of the base Trendline variant.

The petrol Vento is being offered with a flat Rs 1 lakh cash discount for the 2011 model, and if you want to order a 2012 model, you will have to wait for up to a month for its delivery. It is not because VW is flooded with bookings but because the car is being made in limited batches – so an order needs to be sent to the factory to manufacture the petrol model. Even 2012 petrol 1.2 Polos get free insurance and AMC worth Rs 60,000.

Although you will register a 2011 model in 2012 when you buy it, the date of manufacture being 2011 will affect its price when you decide to sell it. Most individual buyers don’t check the date of manufacture but used car dealers do, and will quote a lower price compared to a car manufactured in 2012.        

VW’s petrol motors may not be as efficient as their Japanese counterparts in general, but otherwise both the petrol-powered Polo and Vento are very capable cars that are superior to the competition in other ways such as build quality and safety.

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