Nissan begins selling cars online

Nissan begins selling cars online

9th Dec 2013 6:47 pm

Nissan’s entire product portfolio can now be purchased online in India.

Prospective buyers can now purchase a Nissan car online directly from the manufacturer. Nissan has announced that buyers can now book their Nissan car online and make the payment via credit card. The car will be delivered by Nissan to its dealership nearest to the customer's location. 

"Today most car buyers go online before making a decision so using the internet is a logical extension of the purchase cycle. At Nissan, we are putting in place suitable payment gateways with the help of specific car portals to ensure timely delivery and service at the time of purchase. The objective is to simplify the purchase cycle and delight the customer by making the entire sales journey quicker and more efficient with no compromise on service,” said Nitish Tipnis, director, marketing, Hover Automotive India (Nissan’s National Sales Company). 

“The e-commerce consumer is the most evolved user online. They prioritise saving time through digital channels, so it’s important we evolve our purchase model to reflect and accommodate the change in buying patterns. We will therefore offer the convenience of online booking coupled with attractive deals,” he added.

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