More Indians ride two-wheelers today than ever before. From scooters to performance-oriented motorcycles, every town in the country is abuzz with two-wheelers. Helmet for Life, an initiative by Suzuki Motorcycle India, aims to spread awareness about wearing helmets amongst all two-wheeler riders and pillion rider in every street and road of India. The ‘Helmet for Life’ initiative is the need of the hour, given the unfathomable rise in road accidents around us. If the numbers aren't on the decline, it's because an aspect crucial to the arsenal of a two-wheeler rider is often found excluded - a helmet. Head injuries as a reason behind road accident related fatalities can be squarely blamed on the lack of awareness around the importance of wearing a helmet. With the ‘Helmet for Life’ initiative, Suzuki has taken a strong step towards inculcating a behavioral change, and encourage more and more people to wear helmets whenever they ride on a two-wheeler. In the coming-days, Suzuki will be giving away more than 12000 helmets across the country. In addition to this, Suzuki will also be giving away 60 Gixxer motorcycles per city to the traffic police department, in an effort to provide the formidable forces with reliable, sophisticated machinery for the purpose of patrolling and law enforcement. Helmets for Life is a fundamental program established in the interests of the country's progress, but it goes beyond being just an initiative - it's a movement.

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Contest Winners Week 4

  • Vishwak Krishna - Andhra Pradesh
  • Rangaraj Desai - Karnataka
  • Vishal Kandhari - Delhi
  • Naginder Gill - Haryana
  • Prapulla Chandra - Karnataka
  • Vishwas Prasad - Karnataka
  • Vivek Punyamurthy - Karnataka
  • Arjun Suresh - Karnataka
  • Bhaskar Gogoi - Assam
  • Hariram Dayanand - Karnataka
  • Bhavesh Sanghvi - Andhra Pradesh
  • Amit Soni - Punjab
  • Manish Bansal - Uttar Pradesh
  • Jatinder Dhaliwal - Delhi
  • Rajendran Chandrasekar - Karnataka
  • Shine Ramakrishnan - Kerala
  • Bijay Sankar - Karnataka
  • Kotapothula Srinivasa Rao - Andhra Pradesh
  • Mohan Babu Nagaraju - Karnataka
  • Madhavaraya Pai - Karnataka
  • Abhay Sanghrajka - Gujarat
  • Pradeep Pothuraju - Andhra Pradesh
  • Sathyanarayanan Sivagnanam - Karnataka
  • Vijaybalaji Gogineni - Andhra Pradesh
  • Amitesh Ghatak - Maharashtra


Mr Satoshi Uchida, Managing Director, SMIPL

Mr. Satoshi Uchida, Managing Director, SMIPL

Mr Sajeev Rajasekharan, Executive Vice President, SMIPL

Mr. Sajeev Rajasekharan, Executive Vice President, SMIPL

Mr. Hormazd Sorabjee talks about Helmets For Life Initiative by SMIPL

Mr. Hormazd Sorabjee, Editor, Autocar India talks about #HelmetForLife - An initiative by SMIPL

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