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Vazirani Automotive opens new design studio for electric vehicles

24th Oct 2020 10:30 am

Vazirani Design will offer end-to-end solutions for both, design and engineering in the EV space.


  • Vazirani Design will offer both design and engineering solutions for EVs
  • Vazirani Design is already working with startups and an OEM in the EV space

Vazirani Automotive has just announced the formation of a new design house, Vazirani Design that will specialise in the electric vehicle space. The studio, Vazirani Design, will be dedicated for the design and development of electric vehicles in India and internationally. The design studio is set to have two verticals, design and engineering, each of which will offer end-to-end solutions from conceptualisation to development of EVs.

On the design side of things, Vazirani claims to provide services from a digital concept development to a complete concept car build, similar to what we have seen already with the Shul hypercar concept. On the engineering front, the Indian EV design house, will provide inputs from battery pack design and manufacturing to EV and hybrid powertrain integration solutions.

Vazirani currently already has a proprietary battery technology that it claims is extremely efficient and can be used as a plug and play module to save on development costs.

According to the design house, it is already working with several global startups designing EV solutions. The design house also claims to be working with an OEM to help it understand the design preferences for the Indian market. Apart from on-ground electric vehicles, both in the private use and public use space, Vazirani Design also aims to be a part of the aerial electric vehicle industry.

Vazirani Automotive already has first-hand experience with EV concept cars as they showcased the Shul, an electric hypercar concept at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed to high acclaim. Brainchild of founder Chunky Vazirani, the Shul has a claimed 1000+hp and is powered by 4 electric motors and a lightweight battery pack. Vazirani also claims that the Shul will get from 0-100kph in 2.5 seconds and have a range of about 150-200km.

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