Toyota Fortuner, Innova Crysta, Camry prices hiked

Toyota Fortuner, Innova Crysta, Camry prices hiked

8th Apr 2021 9:00 am

Prices for the Toyota Urban Cruiser, Glanza, Yaris and Vellfire remain unchanged.


The 2021 Toyota Fortuner, Innova Crysta and Camry Hybrid ranges have become dearer by up to Rs 1.18 lakh, after the Japanese brand hiked prices on April 1, 2021. However, prices for the rest of Toyota’s India line-up, which includes the Urban Cruiser, Glanza, Yaris and Vellfire, remain the same.

  • Toyota Fortuner, Legender prices increased by up to Rs 72,000
  • Toyota Innova Crysta prices up by aroundRs 26,000
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid prices hiked by Rs 1.18 lakh

2021 Toyota Fortuner, Legender: price hike

At the start of 2021, Toyota introduced the Fortuner facelift, with prices ranging between Rs 29.98-37.43 lakh, and a new Legender variant, which was priced at Rs 37.58 lakh. Just four months after it arrived, Toyota has hiked prices by a considerable amount. From April 2021 onwards, the standard variants of the Ford Endeavour and MG Gloster rival cost Rs 36,000 more (Rs 30.34-37.79 lakh), though prices of the Legender have increased to Rs 38.30 lakh (up by Rs 72,000). Other than the hike in prices, the 2021 Fortuner continues unchanged.

2021 Toyota Fortuner, Legender prices (ex-showroom, India)
VariantNew priceOld priceDifference
2.7L 4x2 MT (Petrol)Rs 30.34 lakhRs 29.98 lakhRs 36,000
2.7L 4x2 AT (Petrol)Rs 31.93 lakhRs 31.57 lakhRs 36,000
2.8L 4x2 MT (Diesel)Rs 32.84 lakhRs 32.48 lakhRs 36,000
2.8L 4x2 AT (Diesel)Rs 35.20 lakhRs 34.84 lakhRs 36,000
2.8L 4x4 MT (Diesel)Rs 35.50 lakhRs 35.14 lakhRs 36,000
2.8L 4x4 AT (Diesel)Rs 37.79 lakhRs 37.43 lakhRs 36,000
Legender 2.8L 4x2 AT (Diesel)Rs 38.30 lakhRs 37.58 lakhRs 72,000

2021 Toyota Innova Crysta: price hike

When the Innova Crysta facelift launched in November 2020, it was priced between Rs 16.26-24.33 lakh. Now, the Innova Crysta price range starts Rs 15,000 lower, thanks to the addition of a new entry-level petrol variant. However, Toyota has yet to detail what features it gets or misses out on.

A uniform Rs 26,000 hike has taken place across all the other Innova Crysta variants – the petrol range is now priced between Rs 16.11-22.74 lakh, while diesel variants cost between Rs 16.90-24.59 lakh. The same 166hp, 2.7-litre petrol and 150hp, 2.4-litre diesel engines continue, as do their respective manual and automatic gearbox options.

2021 Toyota Innova Crysta petrol prices (ex-showroom, India)
VariantNew priceOld priceDifference
GX – MT (7-seater)Rs 16.11 lakh--
GX – MT (8-seater)Rs 16.16 lakh--
GX MT (7-seater)Rs 16.52 lakhRs 16.26 lakhRs 26,000
GX MT (8-seater)Rs 16.57 lakhRs 16.31 lakhRs 26,000
GX AT (7-seater)Rs 17.88 lakhRs 17.62 lakhRs 26,000
GX AT (7-seater)Rs 17.93 lakhRs 17.67 lakhRs 26,000
VX MT (7-seater)Rs 19.96 lakhRs 19.70 lakhRs 26,000
VX AT (7-seater)Rs 22.74 lakhRs 22.48 lakhRs 26,000

2021 Toyota Innova Crysta diesel prices (ex-showroom, India)
VariantNew priceOld priceDifference
G MT (7-seater)Rs 16.90 lakhRs 16.64 lakhRs 26,000
G MT (8-seater)Rs 16.95 lakhRs 16.69 lakhRs 26,000
G+ MT (7-seater)Rs 18.21 lakhRs 17.92 lakhRs 26,000
G+ MT (8-seater)Rs 18.26 lakhRs 17.97 lakhRs 26,000
GX MT (7-seater)Rs 18.33 lakhRs 18.07 lakhRs 26,000
GX MT (8-seater)Rs 18.38 lakh Rs 18.12 lakhRs 26,000
GX AT (7-seater)Rs 19.64 lakhRs 19.38 lakhRs 26,000
GX AT (8-seater)Rs 19.69 lakhRs 19.43 lakhRs 26,000
VX MT (7-seater)Rs 21.85 lakhRs 21.59 lakhRs 26,000
VX MT (8-seater)Rs 21.90 lakhRs 21.64 lakhRs 26,000
ZX MT (7-seater)Rs 23.39 lakhRs 23.13 lakhRs 26,000
ZX AT (7-seater)Rs 24.59 lakhRs 24.33 lakhRs 26,000

2021 Toyota Camry Hybrid: price hike

Toyota’s flagship sedan and rival to the likes of the Skoda Superbin India has been on sale in its current form since January 2019. This is the second price hike for the Toyota Camry Hybrid since its launch. Available in a single, fully-loaded variant, the Camry Hybrid is now priced at Rs 40.59 lakh – a Rs 1.18 lakh increase. The sedan continues with the 178hp, 2.5-litre petrol engine and 120hp electric motor, which develop a combined maximum of 218hp.

All prices, ex-showroom, pan-India, except Kerala


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Toyota Fortuner
Toyota Fortuner

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