Toyota and Panasonic to collaborate for electrification

Toyota and Panasonic to collaborate for electrification

14th Dec 2017 2:59 pm

The two Japanese firms study feasibility of a JV to produce prismatic batteries as a mass-market alternative technology in the automotive industry.


Collaboration between Toyota and Panasonic is underway; as a way to further develop next-generation solid-state batteries. The technology needs to pick up pace in several areas of the automotive industry to create higher-capacity batteries suited to improving the driving range of electric vehicles. The agreement between the two companies indicates that they will analyse prismatic battery usage across the automotive world and look to lowering their price while raising the bar on performance and safety.

Another crucial aspect of the venture is to consider ways of creating a stable supply chain amidst growing fears of shortages, as well as addressing concerns around the ethics of collecting the elements needed to make these batteries. To this end, the partnership aims to aid the production of EVs globally, rather than staying exclusive to Toyota or Lexus hybrids and EVs.

“Panasonic is a leading company in the area of automotive batteries. I think it was fate for us to come together to work for this collaboration. We would like to offer opportunities to work together with other companies with the collaboration for the realisation of automotive prismatic batteries,” said Toyota boss, Akio Toyoda.

Toyota and Panasonic have worked together since 1953. Panasonic’s traditional batteries are already widely used across the automotive industry in EVs – including various hybrid models produced by Toyota.

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