Second Hyundai N Performance model reveal in 2018

Second Hyundai N Performance model reveal in 2018

24th Jun 2017 8:00 am

The all-new N model could be based on the Hyundai RN30 concept.


Hyundai has announced that it is all set to introduce the second Hyundai N Performance model in 2018, following the debut of the i30N later this year. The news has been confirmed by Albert Biermann, head of the firm's vehicle testing and high-performance development.

No details have been released, but Hyundai previously hinted at the prospect of a four-wheel-drive Ford Focus RS rival with its 380hp, RN30 concept of 2016.

Joonhong Park, the head of Hyundai's high-performance vehicle development centre, explained that N would only cherry-pick the most appropriate models from the Hyundai range. "There is no plan to have an N model for every Hyundai," he said, [although] we have a road map for the next few years to come."

The division is not currently planning on integrating its hybrid, full electric and fuel-cell powertrain technologies into a performance mode with Park commenting, "Right now, there's no plan to bring that tech to N." He however said the brand was open to a shift if the market trend demanded it.

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