SCOOP! All-new Bolero in 2015

SCOOP! All-new Bolero in 2015

3rd Oct 2012 2:40 pm

New Bolero may use a derivative of the mHawk engine and is expected to go on sale by 2015.


Update: Mahindra U301 to be called TUV300, launch in September 2015

Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) is developing the next-generation Bolero (code: U301) with the aim of making it better in all areas but without changing the fundamental DNA of M&M’s best-selling SUV.

The new Bolero is likely to be a grounds-up new design and will be based on all-new chassis that is expected to be lighter and stronger than the current tubular frame ladder chassis. According to sources, M&M is developing a new generation, hydroformed ladder chassis that could underpin all its body-on-frame SUVs in the future.

The new Bolero, which is expected to go on sale by 2015 is likely to use a derivative of the mHawk engine which is becoming the stable powertrain for future Mahindra products.

To keep costs low, M&M will share as much from the parts bin with other Mahindra vehicles and special attention is being given to fuel efficiency and the overall cost of ownership.

The Bolero is the best selling SUV in the Indian market today with 1,07,890 units sold in the last 12 months. It’s phenomenal success, even 12 years after it was launched continues to surprise not just industry experts but M&M too. 


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