Renault looking to launch Zoe RS before 2020

Renault looking to launch Zoe RS before 2020

16th Jul 2017 7:00 am

While a prototype has been built, Renault Sport has a few challenges to face before it can launch the Zoe RS


Renault Sport boss Patrice Ratti confirmed that his team had created a prototype after the debut of the 466hp Zoe e-sport concept car that borrowed inspiration from the brand’s involvement in Formula E. The company is now exploring the possibility to launch this high-performance version of the electric Zoe in international markets before 2020.

“We are thinking about doing a Zoe RS but it is a big study that will take time,” said Ratti. “The performance of batteries has improved [to the point] that it is now feasible, which certainly wasn’t the case a few years ago. So, the studies have begun.”

The Zoe concept has two electric motors developing 640Nm at 4,300rpm, capable of zooming to 100kph in a claimed 3.2sec. The chassis and steering modifications have been lifted from the Renault Sport Clio and are said to fit the Zoe.

However, Ratti said: “A Renault Sport car also needs to handle well and that is the challenge. To have the weight of the batteries and still achieve the agility we pride ourselves on is a tough task.”

He added that battery limitations meant the prototype could only be driven for 15 minutes flat out.

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