Odd-even scheme to be reinstated in Delhi from November 13

9th Nov 2017 5:42 pm

The scheme was first implemented in Delhi in January 2016 and reintroduced in April 2016; will be put into effect for five days.

The Delhi government has announced that it will reinstitute the odd-even scheme in the city from November 13 in a bid to curb the increasing pollution in the capital. The policy will be put into effect for five days, from 8 am to 8 pm.

The scheme was first implemented in January and April 2016, and it allows vehicles with number plates ending in odd numbers to run on odd-numbered days, and those with even numbers to run on even-numbered days.

However, two-wheelers, women-only vehicles, CNG, hybrid and electric vehicles and emergency vehicles are exempted from the scheme. Top-tier politicians' cars have also been excluded from the scheme.

Air pollution in Delhi reached an all-time high this week with heavy smog covering large sections of the city, also affecting air and ground traffic. The government has also issued a directive for schools to remains shut for the rest of the week and has advised people to stay indoors.

India’s National Green Tribunal has also called for a ban on construction and industrial activities in the city and a ban on the entry of trucks into Delhi.

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