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Next-gen Nissan Leaf to be revealed on September 6, 2017

26th Aug 2017 8:00 am

The new Nissan Leaf will have a 150hp electric drivetrain, a bigger 40kWh battery and Nissan’s ProPilot semi-autonomous driving system.


The 2018 Nissan Leaf has been previewed again ahead of its September 6 reveal, with a new image showcasing the electric car's tail-light design more clearly.

Nissan's official picture comes after images of the full car were leaked onto the internet by a Twitter user in a Nissan Oppama factory in Japan, where the car is being produced.

The car's design appears to be inspired by the new Micra, as shown by sightings of development cars, with sharper lines on the body and a more aggressive nose.

Earlier leaked information posted onto automotive media and marketing site Autobytel suggested that the car will have a 150hp electric powertrain, 40hp more than the current model. Information also shows that the car will have a 40kWh battery; 10kWh higher than the outgoing one's largest option.

While it hasn’t been confirmed by Nissan, the leaked information backs the suggestion that the next-gen Leaf will have substantially more range. It is predicted to be capable of 544km on a sinlge charge, doubling the current model’s range.

The range will be further boosted by the use of the new e-Pedal technology that improves enhances the EV’s ability to recharge the batteries while on the move by encouraging the use of just the accelerator pedal. Using the resistance provided by the driveline's regenerative technology to slow the car maximises the amount of time the batteries are re-energised.

Along with the improved powertrain, the car's range improvement will have been possible as a result of the more slippery exterior. Nissan offered a glimpse of its aerodynamic performance in a preview picture, which shows a silhouette of the car with air lines passing over it.

Nissan aims to make the Leaf the most autonomous-capable model in its segment. The new ProPilot Park system uses sonar and cameras in order to park itself in parallel, angled, front or straight back-in parking spots. It will also aid in handling the throttle, brakes and steering.

This park assist system will come as part of the car's ProPilot technology, which also includes a single-lane semi-autonomous feature. It will be Nissan's most advanced autonomous model on sale.

When the Leaf launches in international markets, it will spearhead Nissan's bid to grow EVs to 20 percent of total sales by 2020.

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