Mercedes Benz Driving Academy

Mercedes Benz Driving Academy

4th Jan 2012 5:30 pm

Students will receive high-performance driver-training on Mercedes-AMG vehicles at Buddh International Circuit.


Mercedes-Benz India has launched the Mercedes JPSI driving academy at the Auto Expo.

This Academy will carry out an AMG Basic-Training program, which will be held four months in a year with two groups of eight students receiving training over one weekend each month. This will also include theory as well as practical sessions carried out by experts from Germany at the Buddh Circuit. Training will include basic driver training techniques of handling understeer, oversteer, slalom, lane-changing, braking and avoiding collisions.

Apart from practical driving training sessions, participants get specially prepared cuisine during the event and AMG vehicles manned in pairs with an insurance facility as well. The first batch will start on 16th March 2012 and will cater to only 16 participants.  The cost of participation is Rs 75,000.  Mercedes Benz is offering a special price of Rs 50,000 and also first preference for all Mercedes-Benz customers. 

The other courses that are available at the global AMG Driving Academy will include the following


This course teaches drivers how to make handle an AMG Mercedes around a racetrack effectively. It is available in Germany and will be launched in India in 2013.


This training gives participants with track experience the chance to improve their game. Drivers get the chance to practice professionally on a racetrack for two and a half days. Motorsport instructors will be on hand preparing each driver to handle the difficulties of track racing. It is currently offered in Germany.


This course is designed to train those who intend to become private racing drivers. It includes an introduction, followed by guided laps in an SLS AMG and the SLS AMG GT3 and it ends with an entry in the SLS AMG GT3 COMPETITION 2012. This course is also currently being offered in Germany. 

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