Mahindra XUV700, Thar, XUV300 prices up by Rs 78,308

    This is the second price hike by Mahindra in the last three months, accounting to rising input costs.

    Published On Apr 20, 2022 02:12:00 PM


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    Mahindra has increased the prices for its entire range of SUVs in April 2022 by 2.5 percent. This is the second price hike introduced by the automaker in the last three months. Just like most manufacturers, Mahindra too has attributed the hike to rising operational and input costs. The new prices have been effective from April 14.

    • Mahindra XUV700 prices hiked up to Rs 78,308
    • Thar prices up by Rs 51,000
    • XUV300 prices hiked by Rs 40,000

    Mahindra XUV700 variant-wise price hike

    The XUV700 gets a price jump yet again, across all variants, after Mahindra increased it in January 2022. For the petrol-powered variants, the hike lies in the range of Rs 22,449 to Rs 71,225, while the hike for the diesel-powered versions range between Rs 22,117 to Rs 78,308.

    XUV700 petrol variantNew priceOld priceDifference
    MX MT 5-seatRs 13.18 lakhRs 12.95 lakhRs 23,000
    AX3 MT 5-seatRs 15.28 lakhRs 15.02 lakhRs 26,000
    AX3 AT 5-seatRs 16.84 lakhRs 16.57 lakhRs 27,000
    AX5 MT 5-seatRs 16.55 lakhRs 16.05 lakhRs 50,000
    AX5 MT 7-seatRs 17.19 lakhRs 16.67 lakhRs 52,000
    AX5 AT 5-seatRs 18.29 lakhRs 17.70 lakhRs 60,000
    AX7 MT 7-seatRs 19.21 lakhRs 18.63 lakhRs 58,000
    AX7 AT 7-seatRs 20.95 lakhRs 20.28 lakhRs 67,000
    AX7 AT Lux 7-seatRs 22.75 lakhRs 22.04 lakhRs 71,000

    The variants with the highest and lowest price hike were both diesel – the top-spec AX7 AT AWD Luxury 7-seater (at Rs 78,308), and the MX MT 5-seater (at Rs 22,449).

    XUV700 diesel variantNew PriceOld PriceDifference
    MX MT 5-seatRs 13.70 lakhRs 13.47 lakhRs 23,000
    AX3 MT 5-seatRs 15.80 lakhRs 15.53 lakhRs 27,000
    AX3 MT 7-seatRs 16.53 lakhRs 16.26 lakhRs 27,000
    AX3 AT 5-seatRs 17.58 lakhRs 17.29 lakhRs 29,000
    AX5 MT 5-seatRs 17.21 lakhRs 16.67 lakhRs 54,000
    AX5 MT 7-seatRs 17.84 lakhRs 17.29 lakhRs 55,000
    AX5 AT 5-seatRs 18.92 lakhRs 18.32 lakhRs 60,000
    AX5 AT 7-seatRs 19.56 lakhRs 18.94 lakhRs 62,000
    AX7 MT 7-seatRs 19.86 lakhRs 19.25 lakhRs 61,000
    AX7 MT Lux 7-seatRs 21.66 lakhRs 21.01 lakhRs 65,000
    AX7 AT 7-seatRs 21.58 lakhRs 20.90 lakhRs 68,000
    AX7 AT AWD 7-seatRs 22.98 lakhRs 22.25 lakhRs 73,000
    AX7 AT Lux 7-seatRs 23.41 lakhRs 22.66 lakhRs 75,000
    AX7 AT AWD Lux 7-seatRs 24.58 lakhRs 23.80 lakhRs 78,000

    Mahindra Thar variant-wise price hike

    Mahindra offers the Thar in two variants - AX (O) and LX - with petrol and diesel engines. The manufacturer hiked the prices of the petrol variants between Rs 35,000 and Rs 44,000; while the entry-level AX (O) MT sees the least jump, the top-spec LX AT Hard top sees the highest.

    Thar petrol variantNew priceOld priceDifference
    AX (O) MT Soft topRs 13.53 lakhRs 13.18 lakhRs 35,000
    LX MT Hard topRs 14.22 lakhRs 13.79 lakhRs 43,000
    LX AT Soft topRs 15.67 lakhRs 15.23 lakhRs 44,000
    LX AT Hard topRs 15.75 lakhRs 15.33 lakhRs 42,000

    Meanwhile, the diesel-powered Thar's prices have been hiked in the range of Rs 44,000-51,000, with the AX (O) MT Soft top variant getting the smallest hike and the LX AT Hard top the largest.

    Thar diesel variantNew priceOld priceDifference
    AX (O) MT Soft topRs 13.88 lakhRs 13.38 lakhRs 50,000
    AX (O) MT Hard topRs 13.93 lakhRs 13.49 lakhRs 44,000
    LX MT Soft topRs 14.49 lakhRs 14.00 lakhRs 49,000
    LX MT Hard topRs 14.58 lakhRs 14.10 lakhRs 48,000
    LX AT Soft topRs 15.94 lakhRs 15.43 lakhRs 51,000
    LX AT Hard topRs 15.54 lakhRs 15.03 lakhRs 49,000

    Mahindra XUV300 variant-wise price hike

    The prices of the sub-compact SUV have also been hiked, with the petrol-powered XUV300 seeing an increase of Rs 25,000-36,000, and the entry-level W4 MT and top-spec W8 O AMT DT seeing the least and the highest jump, respectively.

    XUV300 petrol variantNew priceOld priceDifference
    W4 MTRs 8.41 lakhRs 8.16 lakhRs 25,000
    W6 MTRs 9.99 lakhRs 9.99 lakhRs 0
    W6 AMTRs 10.51 lakhRs 10.21 lakhRs 30,000
    W8 MTRs 11.16 lakhRs 10.85 lakhRs 31,000
    W8(O) MTRs 12.38 lakhRs 12.03 lakhRs 35,000
    W8(O) AMTRs 13.06 lakhRs 12.70 lakhRs 36,000
    W8(O) DT MTRs 12.53 lakhRs 12.18 lakhRs 35,000
    W8(O) DT AMTRs 13.21 lakhRs 12.85 lakhRs 36,000

    On the other hand, the diesel-powered XUV300's jump ranges between Rs 30,000-40,000; the base W4 MT getting the least hike and the top-spec W8 O AMT DT the highest.

    XUV300 diesel variantNew priceOld priceDifference
    W4 MTRs 9.60 lakhRs 9.30 lakhRs 30,000
    W6 MTRs 10.38 lakhRs 9.99 lakhRs 39,000
    W6 AMTRs 11.70 lakhRs 11.35 lakhRs 35,000
    W8 MT SunroofRs 12.41 lakhRs 12.05 lakhRs 36,000
    W8(O) MTRs 13.23 lakhRs 12.85 lakhRs 38,000
    W8(O) MT DTRs 13.38 lakhRs 13.00 lakhRs 38,000
    W8(O) AMTRs 13.92 lakhRs 13.52 lakhRs 40,000
    W8(O) AMT DTRs 14.07 lakhRs 13.67 lakhRs 40,000

    Future Mahindra SUV launches in India: 2022 and beyond

    In the coming months, Mahindra will announce pricing for the all-new Scorpio. A five-door Thar is also in the works, but it is still some time away. Mahindra is also readying a facelift for the XUV300 that will come sometime next year.

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